Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why so Syria?

We are in Syria now. More interesting posts to come, but I just wanted you to know that I am unable to access any blogs from here. I can post to my own blog but not view it. Nor can I respond to comments on my blog. Facebook is also blocked. It's funny because I was thinking about writing a post about how far Syria has come since our last visit, but on our last visit, blogs and facebook were allowed. So now I'm not sure what to say.


Susanne said...

Too bad! That is so frustrating to my friends in Syria to have these things plus YouTube and and many more sites blocked. Facebook was banned when we went January 2009, but Samer could access it so I had him put pictures and updates on my page when he'd go home at night. That way my friends back home could see what we were up to, of course.

I saw your Facebook status and left this. Sorry for the reposting, but I'm not sure which - if either - you will see. Not that my comment is great or anything, but feedback is good, right? :)

"Yes, they started blocking Facebook soon after I met Samer. I think it was November 2008 when that happened. The people use proxies though because several of my FB friends are Syrians who post from Syria and not just from the outside. :) And yeah Blogger is banned, but I'm not sure about Wordpress. I thought the latter was open, but maybe things have changed. Asma Assad said in an interview that it wasn't the regime's fault for the ban, but America's so I told my more fearful Syrian friend (the one who likes to obey the rules more than the others) that he could look at FB without fear if he could get on as his own First Lady made it out that it was America's fault so surely being able to access FB would be a slap in the face to us. :) BTW, have a great time in Syria! Eager to read about your adventures."


Susanne said...

P.S. I also read and heard from others that it was the Israeli influence on FB and other sites that caused the ban from the Syrians. That and also extreme Islamic groups. The regime doesn't want the masses to unite against them so those are things I've also heard from Syrians about the reasons for the ban. Somehow I thought Ms. Assad's blame of the Americans was just the bull that I'd expect from a leader's wife who didn't want her poor hubby blamed. Actually he might not be for the ban, but since he's - IMO - a puppet of the police state and the Alawaites in charge then he has no choice but to support it or have his wife publicly blame the US.

Liz Johnson said...

Perhaps they're just trying to be more like BYU?? :)

That is crazy, man. I look forward to your future posts, though. Are there any other signs of cracking down against free speech? Can I even ask that without raising all kinds of red flags?! If somebody shows up banging on your door at 3am because of this comment, I'm very, very sorry.


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