Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anatomy of a miscommunication

A friend is staying with us for a few days. He arrived on Friday in the middle of the night (4am) so we left a note to welcome him rather than doing so in person. Jeremy wrote it while I was in the shower and then went to bed. When I came out of the shower, here's what I read: (sorry for the scribbles. Magdalena got to it before I could take a picture):
"Hello Spencer, Next time bring your family please. Help yourself to water in the fridge, and food."
Normal enough so far, right? But then I continued reading:

"-Use bathroom w/door open."
Huh? Seriously, what? I could not figure this one out. I thought maybe it was a half-hearted reference to the weirdest Craigslist ad ever, but it didn't quite fit in. Eventually, I puzzled out my best guess at Jeremy's meaning:

"I think he means 'don't close the door all the way b/c it's really loud.'"
Ah, problem solved. Now Spencer wouldn't be freaked out by his hosts. Except Jeremy got up sometime during the night to see if Spencer had arrived (he hadn't), saw my addendum to the note, and added:

"No, I mean use the bathroom that has an open door. Don't use the bathroom behind the closed door. That's where the thing lives that guards a gateway to another dimension. Never look at it."
A clarification, sure (we technically have two bathrooms but one of them is, um, not intended to be used so we keep the door closed), but then it trails into a very clear reference to this video:

In conclusion, Spencer did arrive safely and was thankfully clear on which bathroom to use, but I'm not sure he got a lot of sleep since he was probably pondering the last part of that note. As it was, I didn't see Jeremy's additions until the morning and then it made me laugh and laugh and laugh.


Crys said...

The accent makes everything better. That note is so funny...I wish there was video of him reading it :)

karina said...

That's funny - I'm surprised Spencer didn't tell me about it. He did tell me that you guys think I don't exist. I really do. Here's me commenting on this to prove it. Unless you think Spencer comments for me to keep up the lie...

Hopefully the next time he stays with you we can come too. Or, you should come stay with us in exotic Ann Arbor.

Liz Johnson said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I would love to show up to a note like that. I wish I had gotten to know Jeremy better back in the day.

Bridget said...

Karina, blog comments prove nothing. But we did see pictures of you and William so that strengthens his story...

Alli E. said...

Your post made me laugh and laugh and laugh! That crazy cousin of mine!

Jeanerbee said...

I don't know what's funnier - the note, the addendums to the note, or the video! I nearly peed my pants on this one!

Merkley Jiating said...

Hilarious. I am impressed he was able to quote that! How many times has he watched it?!

I am glad you decided to be a showoff on the piano because you are amazing! Sign language is rarely needed. In fact, it has never been needed from me until I moved to Ithaca!

I guess I could check off "Breastfeed all my children." But I technically meant once I am done having kids, can I look back and say I breastfed all of them? So I think I will wait.

Matthew said...

This is really funny =)

As a side note, even though I read "Spencer", my mind replaced that with "Sterling". A different picture indeed.

Also, I am calling shenanigans that you apparently plan on waiting until next Friday to finish the Royal Jordanian story. I really want to know what happened! =)

Britney said...

Very, very funny.

Jen said...

Liz is right. How come we didn't get to know Jeremy back in the [Provo] day.

(You know, other than that infamous interaction at ORCA). HA!


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