Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday miscellany

Here's a bunch of pictures that deserve to be blogged but do not deserve their own individual posts.

In Egypt, when your plastic lawn chair breaks, you do not buy a new one. You fix the old one. Multiple times if necessary.

For fun, here are the rules at Al-Azhar Park. Please note that you may NOT bring alcoholics inside the park.

We went to the Cairo Zoo and it was slightly less terrifying than I'd imagined. I do fear for the feral cats and kittens who have taken up residence there, though, because most of the animals looked hungry enough to do something desperate. Watch your back, little one.

People who have lived here longer than us are always saying things like, "oh, when it's not hazy you can see the Pyramids from here." What they fail to mention is that IT IS NEVER NOT HAZY. This is the view out our back window the other evening, around the same time Google Weather told me that the current weather in Cairo was "Sand." What the?!?

We have these shiny blue floors in our apartment and they are great fun to mop. But not so fun that I want to do it again 15 minutes after I finished, which is when this little accident happened. Sigh.

This guy passes me in the morning when I'm walking Miriam to her summer school and I finally caught a picture of him. What you can't really see is that he has ANOTHER kid perched on the handlebars. Brilliant family transportation, I say.

I saw this sign outside of a daycare center and I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, it's kind of true, at least at times, but you also kind of shouldn't say it, you know? I'm referring to the "Get Your Life Back" slogan at the bottom of the poster.

I think that's it for now!


Susanne said...

Enjoyed the pictures and your comments. Ugh...creepy cats. I hate when they get in that pounce position. You never knew if they are trying to hide because they are intimidated/scared OR if they are getting ready to jump on you. Ick.

Funny chair! Imagine what they could do with duct tape. :)

Ugh about the haze and the weather being "sand." :)

Great family transportation. At least that area seems a bit calm traffic-wise. How fun that Miriam goes to school over there!

I also liked the list to see what was not allowed in the park. Not much apparently.

Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!

Liz Johnson said...

Yeah... I can see how that sign appeals to a mother's desperation. It's almost unfair to use that as your advertising... and I bristle at the thought that your own children aren't part of your life, even if they complicate it. I think something like "get the break you know you deserve" is more fair and accurate.

I chewed on that one for a while this morning. Thank you for making my brain work. :)

Trina said...

Love the blue floors! I almost hate to really clean something, because I know that right after I do, it will get a spill or a mess, almost right away.
My mother-in-law tells me that when she had 4 kids at home, if the house looked the same as it did, when her husband left for work, as it did when he got home, then she'd worked all day. It think it also goes like this...If the house looks worse that it did when you left this morning, I was likely working hard all day too.....Life with kids is fun but it makes for a lot of extra cleaning!
Love the bike pic. Our friends who just moved from Taiwan, owned 2 scooters for their family of two parents and 3 or 4 kids....

Kathy Haynie said...

I enjoyed your random photos and comments. Have a good day!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

So interesting to read your posts. Sorry about the groping. Happened to a lot of our study abroad group in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. I'm glad you got a good shove in! I love the fixed lawn chair-waste not, want not! And the strict park. I'm surprised it didn't say Do Not Have Fun! B

Shannan said...

What sort of "park" is that? One of the rules says - "don't hold meetings". So you can't meet your friends for a playgroup? Sheesh. At least I can bring in my alcohol just not someone who abuses drinking it.

And boy oh boy - I love that sign in the daycare. How many SAHMs would freak about that in the USA?

Mikael said...

My faves are the smoggy view and the "get your life back" HILARIOUS!!! LOVE the blog :)

robin said...

we needed chairs like that back at winston court...

Sharon and Spencer said...

That makes me laugh! The middle east is such an experience. I'm so jealous you are there again! I didn't know Cairo had a metro! Is it new?


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