Sunday, June 06, 2010

Syria sundries

I have a bunch of photos/stories from our trip to Syria I want to share but none of them deserve their own blog post. So here you go. And you're welcome!

Misspelled Mitsubishi van. See also. This one is more egregious, though.

So. Some dude noticed there were pigeons flying around by the old Roman temple in the Old City, and also noticed that kids liked to feed said pigeons. So he roped off an area of (what I assume is) public space and started selling bags of birdseed for 10 lira. BRILLIANT.

Dear American-style donut store: I could have used you back in, oh I don't know, 2005 when I was pregnant with Miriam and I would have been your best customer due to cravings. Why do you exist now??

We went to one of our old haunts, Popay's (not a typo) (at least not on my part) restaurant but it seems to have lots its hipness. All the decor and atmosphere that seemed vibrant and edgy in 2004/2005 was now just faded and limp. Hmm.

 I...don't really know what to say about this...vehicle? It's innovative, at least.

When we were at the ruins of Shahba, we got all excited when we saw this "ESPECIAL ENTRANCE" sign. We thought there must be something really cool back there. Turns out it's just some guy's house. Then we went back and read the Arabic and realized that what they meant to say is that it's a PRIVATE entrance. Big difference.

Our favorite juice shop, Tutti Frutti, has hit the big time. They got new tables, new decor, and a new menu. I am so glad for them.

Their smoothies are still amazing.

 This shirt disturbed me. The text reads: "Satisfuction MASSIVE It danexs and is leival it COAND TVINT." I feel like I need to bathe now.

Miriam had to get some antibiotics while we were there and this is what the pharmacist gave me. A packet of sterilized water and a bottle of dry antibiotic powder. You mix it yourself. We didn't need a prescription, by the way (I'm just sayin').

 This is what it's like to be a cute little blonde girl in Syria. She was mobbed wherever she went.

 This is what it's like to be Mormon in Syria. After-church dinner? Yes, please!

This has to be one of my least favorite things about Syria: you can't flush toilet paper there. I don't know what it is that gets to me so much - the constant mental vigilance it takes to keep from flushing the tp from (an entire lifetime of) habit, the grossness of that trash can sitting by the toilet, how fast that trash can fills up, or how it almost makes me throw up to empty it. Who knows?

What. on earth. are CHEWY DRAGEES? This has been bothering me for years now.

That's it!


Lisa Lou said...

mmmmmm..."Donut Magic"...always in the mood for a good donut!
The "Especial Entrance" story was so great. Thanks!

Aimee said...

I am not sure if the TP rule is the same in Egypt, how long you will be visiting Syria, nor do I know your laundry situation, but look into "family cloth.". Essentially cloth wipes that you launder. Flannel, cotton, or Terry cloth all work well. Have a covered pail next to the toilet with some vinegar and water. It's much less offending than any dirty diaper I have changed and may appeal to your frugal side. Rinse and throw in pail. Launder with undies on hot. Add some vinegar or tea tree oil for disinfectant properties. Random, I know, but I would rather launder then deal with a yucky trash can any day!

Liz Johnson said...

In Romania, we had to use this special "biodegradable" pink toilet paper, which meant it literally fell apart the minute it touched any kind of moisture, usually leaving you with a clump of moist toilet paper after wiping. SO DISGUSTING.

Mmmmm fruity mentos...

trishtator said...

Awesome. It could be my innocent Mormon girl talking, but I don't get that brown shirt at all. It's probably better left unexplained though.

Bridget said...

Trish, I don't get it either. That's why it disturbs me. Especially the first word. Just Ew.

Aimee, we aren't in Syria anymore but your solution sounds great. That method would be less gross to me, too.

Susanne said...

I enjoyed these pictures and your comments on each. :) I wonder if the Syrian guy said, "Hey man, don't look now, but some American is taking a photo of us." :)

I hate the no-flush tp thing too. I guess this is why the locals use water. I never understood the toilet and bidet being separate in some places. What if something drops or drips before you can shuffle over to the bidet and clean yourself? Yucky to think about...sorry.

Kristen said...

These were all so fun!


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