Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday in Cairo

This little guy was hitching a ride on some floating detritus.

A boat on the Nile, with a guy hanging off the front end.

Another boat on the Nile.

Nile bowling, anyone?

Sometimes I think wearing the hijab would be nice because it would simplify fashion. Then I see a table full of hijab pins for sale and I think, maybe not so much.

Downtown. It's buildings like this that help me catch a glimpse of the Cairo known by people like Agatha Christie.

The awesome thing is, this was not even the biggest or coolest bicycle-head-cargo I saw yesterday. It's just the only one I managed to get a picture of.


Susanne said...

Wow to that bicycle head cargo!

Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

One day as I was floating down the Nile, observing the "ferries" and how utterly ancient and over-loaded with humanity they were, a dead water buffalo floated past within arm's reach. Flash forward a few years and I was floating down a different river -- this time in Guilin, China... the humidity was intense and one of my fellow traveling companions (who, incidentally later became my husband) commented how much he'd like to dive into that river. I told him the story of the dead, Nile Buffalo and said, "Look! Here comes something floating toward us now!" We squinted upstream and conjured about what it might be. A monkey? No. It wasn't! Yes. We stood silently as the dead, bloated human figure floated silently past. I pointed him out to the boat master assuming he would call the coast gaurd or Chinese equivalent. Nothing. Nothing happened. No police were called. Our Chinese professor informed us that "sometimes villages simply put their dead in the river and let them float out to sea." Still feeling like that swim? ...nothing changes you like living abroad does....

Bridget said...

Um, FREAKY. You win for grossest river story.

Kristen said...

Wow to the dead body story, but also: is that head cargo attached somehow? How can it possibly balance while bicycling?


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