Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Big News, Part 1

Hmm, where to begin. Perhaps with the fact that in September, we're moving to Dubai.

Did you catch that?


Commence tears of weeping, and also squeals of excitement for lo, there have been many.

But let me back up and tell you the whole story. I've tried to think of all the ways I could write this in one post and be done with it, but there's just too much to say. I've had it all bottled up inside of me for 2.5 months so it's going to take a little while to decompress on the blog. It will probably take up three or four posts over the next week or two.

Some of you know bits and pieces or even large chunks of this story but no one knows the entire history except Jeremy and me, because we wrested it from chaos, together, in almost complete secrecy, with our own bare hands.

We knew from the moment Jeremy accepted the job at Cornell that it would probably not be a permanent move. His was a very good position but as far as the career path Jeremy was hoping for and planning on, Cornell could only ever be a stepping stone. That said, we thought we would spend a good few years at Cornell. In the meantime, we cultivated an idea of the kind of job that could lure him away from Cornell, should it ever come up. The plan was that the first year, Jeremy would only apply to jobs that met our criteria very specifically. The second year, he would apply to jobs a little less selectively, and so on, until he had achieved his goal of being advanced to a better position within a few years.

Meanwhile, we moved to Ithaca and fell in love with it. The green, the hiking, the seasons, the preschool, the friends, the quality road trips - even the winter, a little. And I didn't hesitate to embrace it all. I had decided from the beginning not to treat Ithaca as temporary because, first of all, I didn't think that would be a very healthy attitude, and second of all, it was entirely possible that we would be there for several years.

I hate to use the word "meanwhile" again, but obviously there were several layers of things going on so it will have to do. Meanwhile, Jeremy was scanning the job listings and picking out those that met our pre-established criteria. There ended up being three: one in Cairo, one in Beirut, and one in Dubai. The job in Beirut was a bit of a stretch from Jeremy's field of expertise, but hey, BEIRUT. So he applied to all three. And then we forgot all about it because if there's anything we learned from the job search the first time around, right out of his PhD program, it's that you really can't sit around waiting anxiously because these things take time. A lot of time. And some jobs you will never, ever hear back from, no matter how much you get your hopes up (I'm talking to YOU, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, circa Fall 2008). A friend of mine once described applying to jobs like going on casual dates, except after the one date (the application), you start imagining your engagement and your wedding and your house and the rest of your lives together...and then your date never calls back for a second outing.

So Jeremy applied, and then we went on with our lives and didn't seriously expect to hear anything back from Cairo, Beirut, or Dubai, ever.

But then we DID hear back, from one of them, at least. It was Dubai. And they wanted to meet with Jeremy for an interview.

To be continued...


Susanne said...


Susanne said...

Sorry I was too shocked to say more. But Congrats!!! :-D

I'm glad I will still be able to hear Middle Eastern cultural stuff in your blog as those are among my most favorite posts.

Maybe you will cover these in future posts, but does this mean you will likely be in Dubai for years and years and years? Like your kids will grow up there? Actually I thought your post was going to be announcing another baby until I saw "Part 1." I didn't think "we're having a baby" would take more than one post. :)

Also did you say Cairo was one place he applied for? Would you still agree to go there "for good" after having spent these last weeks there?

Wow...I'm happy for you! Maybe Miriam can get some more scarves to wear around town!

Samer's brother lives in Dubai and really seems to like it. He doesn't want to go back to Damascus after living there.

Bridget said...

I promise I will give more details in future posts but in short, yes we should be there a number of years, depending how much we like it. The more we like it, the longer we'll stay!

All I'm going to say is I am so glad the Cairo position never came to anything (they finally responded about a week ago and said they weren't going to fill the position after all). More on my feelings for Cairo later...

Kathy Haynie said...

Bridget - ever since I began checking in on your blog, I've been curious to hear more about the background for your interesting adventures. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Big News. And congratulations!

Shannan said...

You had me at hello.

Wow, why are you keeping me suspended in time? I can't take it! (this is coming from a woman who doesn't watch a dramatic series on TV in read time but would rather wait for it to come out on DVD so she can watch each episode back to back.) Maybe I shouldn't read your blog for a few weeks so I can read the story in one full piece.

Oh, a person I discovered on your bloglist years ago - Cait Wilson - she lives in Dubai with her husband and daughter. FYI

Liz Johnson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And I'm excited to hear all of the nitty gritty details. I think Dubai is going to be PERFECT for you guys... although I, too, mourn the loss of Ithaca for you. It always sounded so magical.

Have you guys ever counted how many times you've moved since you've been married, even just for the summer? I bet your number would blow everybody else's out of the water (we're coming up on #11, so I anticipate yours being 15+).

Bridget said...

Kathy, this page might satisfy your curiosity. MIGHT.

Shannan, I know! And I'm thinking about saving up to have her beautify our home there. :)

Liz, we have completed 14 moves and are coming up on our 15th next week. Ten of those were international. The sixteenth will be to Dubai. Good guess.

Susanne said...

Bridget, I saw on your FAQ page that you had a hard time with AZ sun so it seems you want the coolness of the Middle Eastern sun instead? I remember several weeks back when you said you and Jeremy joked about going to Syria (or the ME) to cool off. :)

I am eager to read YOUR impressions of living in Dubai. I've heard Samer's version of how it is...though he's never been. I just shared your post with him. That's why I am back.

I said, "Samer, check Bridget's blog. You will be surprised."

BTW, did you know when you married Jeremy that you'd be a world traveler? :) I'm assuming this was something you have always enjoyed and wanted to be part of. I admire you for that. Not everyone can adjust to traveling a lot. Your posts often cause me to learn about new people and places so, yay, I can now learn about Dubai! :)

Jessie said...!!! That's awesome you guys! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Alli E. said...

Always the adventurers! Exciting stuff!! I'm sad you son't be able to stop at our house for a potty break on your way to Dubai!!

breanne said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys...well, actually excited for me, because I have never been to Dubai, and now I can get an intelligent and humorous look at another place in the Middle East. I am assuming it will be much different than Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. I really appreciate your candid and humorous entries--especially since you complain with humor about things that could be so irritating in the ME!

brooke said...

there will be a post about how much you want visitors, right?

even if they are nearly strangers....

strangers that can be trusted with the safe arrival of six storage boxes????

(please say yes...)

Jennifer said...

Seriously, you guys never fail to surprise me on where you're going to live. That is so awesome and I can't wait to hear all the details...

Merkley Jiating said...

I am wondering about visitors as well. So make sure to include that in one of the parts! I am excited to learn the whole story. I didn't even realize Dubai hadn't been announced on your blog yet. Maybe that was an oversight caused by my devastation?

I only know if people post stuff from my blog elsewhere if I read their blog. Unfortunately, it is mostly friends who do it. I am not sure if there is a real way but track it but that would be awesome.

Cait said...

I have a feeling we may be following in your footsteps with the moving thing... I hate the moving but love the adventures.

Bridget said...

Of course visitors will be welcome! Especially ones who transported storage boxes across the country for us, or returned internet modems downtown for us.


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