Monday, July 26, 2010

The Big News, Part 2

(Part 1)

Jeremy received the interview request email from the university in Dubai* early on a Sunday morning, right before we left for church (Sunday is a weekday in the Middle East). It was all we could do to sit through church and carry on as normal while also trying to keep our minds from going crazy with those "first date to engagement/wedding/house/rest-of-our-lives plans" I mentioned earlier. After all, just because Jeremy was a finalist for this job did not mean he would get it. We went through this in 2009, too. Perhaps we went a little too far in the denial direction, though. We just didn't talk about it. His interview fly-out was going to be sandwiched between two other business trips so to me it was just like one long, continuous streak of his being out of town.

When he got back from the interview (which was not in Dubai, by the way, but in Minnesota, because it's easier to fly an interview team here than multiple candidates for multiple positions there), Jeremy told me a little more about the job and its benefits and then we continued to not talk about it for a few more weeks.

Toward the end of April, I think we had each personally decided that nothing was going to come of this job, just as we had steeled ourselves to expect. Jeremy hadn't heard anything definitive from his contacts at the university and although they had told us that they would make their decision by the end of the month, that time was rapidly approaching with no sign of Jeremy being their candidate of choice.

Meanwhile (there's that word again), it was almost time to renew our apartment lease. I was gearing up to register Miriam for kindergarten at the elementary school down the street. We were still looking for someone to sublease our apartment that summer. My mom was coming in for a visit in a few days. Life was good. We were happy. There was plenty going on without a crazy job offer from Dubai, what with going to Egypt and all.

On the last Sunday in April, once again early in the morning, Jeremy awoke to his cell phone ringing and the caller ID showing a very long-distance number. I was already awake getting the girls ready for church. I could hear him talking in Arabic to whoever it was, so I suspected (but tried not to hope) that it was him receiving a definitive answer from the university in Dubai, whatever that answer was.

When he emerged from the room a few minutes later, he was a little white-faced. I didn't even have to ask. He simply said, "They chose me."

That's the moment when everything turned upside-down.

To be continued...

*We say Dubai for ease of reference but it's actually the next city-emirate over, in Sharjah.


Crys said...

Holy Exciting! I was recently talking with a friend about Jason and medical school. She said that I'd married him because I was in love with the idea of being married to a doctor and making money. I corrected her and told her, that when I meet him he was doing near eastern studies focusing on policy and political life and I was in love with the idea of being married diplomat...which is obviously much more romantic :) Thank you for keeping the romance alive for me! I'm excited to read all of your new adventures!!!!

Liz Johnson said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Ahhh I love this story. :)

Jennifer said...


The Ensign's said...

What??? I cant wait for the rest of the story. This is crazy!

Jennifer said...

So I'm kind of curious as to what some of your criteria was for his job that you mentioned in the last post. Was "international" one of them?

Eevi said...

Troy mentioned something about Dubai few months ago and I have been waiting anxiously to hear the details. And only you would make us wait for the whole story:) I love it! You guys are so much more adventurous than I could ever be. I told Troy that my abroad living would have to be in Europe, I dont have enough guts to explore countries like you guys do.

Susanne said...

Ah, I thought this was something really recent. Like last week! Ha! But you've known for a while...or so it seems right now. Hmmmm...will wait for more. :)

Bridget said...

Jennifer, why yes, "international" WAS one of the criteria. However did you guess... :)


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