Friday, August 06, 2010

Flashback Friday: Suspended, in school

I forgot that there was one other time I had a run-in with the authorities at school (besides this time).

Westview High School, Portland/Beaverton/Aloha, Oregon (depending on who you ask), 1997ish. Westview had what was called a "closed campus," meaning that students were not allowed to leave school grounds during school hours. I don't know that anything dramatic ever happened to spur such a policy; it's just the way things were.

There was one big exception to the closed campus policy, and that was for people who attended classes during the school day off-campus. I can think of only a few classes this actually applied to - one was some sort of technical course offered at a facility down the road. Another class was my very own Mormon seminary. The small building where we held class during lunchtime was in sight of the high school, but off-campus. So we were all issued special green passes that we had to keep with us in case we were stopped by the Gestapo (our lovely name for the campus patrol, who rode around in golf carts) so we could prove that we were allowed to be off-campus.

That green card was a wonderful thing. Its power was specific to the exact time period you had whatever special class, but still, that time period was glorious. Sometimes friends and I would get past the Gestapo using that pass, and then take a detour to Zuka Juice or somewhere before going to seminary.

I tell you all this because on the day that I got caught by the Gestapo, I did not have a valid green card. Some friends of mine invited me to go to Subway with them for lunch and I said sure. It wasn't like we needed to go because there wasn't food on campus. I may have even had my own packed lunch in my bag. It was just cuz, you know?

So we went. We got out of the parking lot with no trouble from the Gestapo - they were nowhere in sight. The fact that some students had green cards provided a benefit to the rest of us because if the Gestapo saw us driving out of the parking lot from a distance, there was at least a chance that we were doing so legally, even if we really weren't.

Which, at that moment, we weren't. Anyway, we had a great lunch at Subway and came back to campus just in time for 7th period. Also: just in time for the Gestapo to bust us. D'oh! All the fun I had had melted away in that instant and all I could think of was, "WHY did I do that?"

We were escorted to the principal's office, but since it was high school and he had better things to do than yell at kids and make them cry (see previous FF, linked above), we didn't actually see him. Instead, we were sent to In-school Suspension, or ISS. It was just a room with desks where we sat down and...thought about what we'd done? I'm not sure what the point was. I missed class, though, and that was kind of a pain.

I think they called my parents, too, who once again favored me with a very proportional response, namely, "meh." I guess they knew I was basically a good kid.

And I was! But it is true that I was once sent to ISS. Make of that what you will.


Liz Johnson said...

Bridget, this story fills me with glee, because despite all of my shenanigans at school, I take great pride in NEVER having been suspended. HAHAHAHAHA!!

And seriously!? How on earth is ISS a logical consequence? "You were off-campus, so congratulations, you get to skip another class!"

Suzanne Bubnash said...

There were some dramatic happenings that led to closed campus in the Beaverton District. Until the mid-80s it was open, & then a few kids were killed in foolish car accidents during lunch. But the clincher was the Bvtn High student who left campus to go over to Canyon Rd. for lunch, & got run over by a freight train. That was the end of open campus around here.

I used to skip out all the time my senior year because my boyfriend lived in Colorado, so I'd run home at lunch to check the mail. Never got caught.

Cait said...

ISS is the stupidest invention ever. I was sent there once in high school too, for probably something similar, I can't remember. I just sat there and thought about how I wished I was in my AP Calculus class instead. I'm sure the kids that ISS was intended for (the ones who were there pretty much permanently) loved being there - skipping class but not being truant. And I think my parents probably had the same reaction.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I'd forgotten all about ISS. Great story!

Steven said...

REALLY? We got cards for seminary too, but I never had it with me. I got away with almost anything when it came to going off campus during the school day. I would come home during lunch, remember?

The security guards now all drive around in golf carts, and I think to myself "What is he going to do, chase after my car in his little golf cart?!" I think I earned their trust after a while (because I was mormon), so they would just wave to me as I drove away. I never had to go to ISS. I did have to go to detention once during AP calc. That was for being late to health. I don't miss high school at all.

Katie said...

Ha! I got sent to ISS once. It was St. Patrick's Day, 2000. I was talking with one of my really good (ok, and cute too) guy friends. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "Kiss me, I'm Irish". So feeling brave and flirty, I quickly pecked him (maybe on the lips, maybe on the cheek, I don't really remember) Anyway, the assistant principal saw, and marched over and walked us to ISS because we had a "no kissing or making out" policy. Anyway, I was floored, I couldn't believe that he actually busted me for it! It wasn't like we were going at it or anything. Seriously, it was no different than I would have kissed my mother.

It wasn't the only time I ever received ISS (I did love ditching class), but this was the only time I felt it was unjustified. Although I didn't think ISS that that bad. It was a lot more boring than going to class, but it was a great opportunity to catch up on all my homework.


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