Friday, August 20, 2010

Go West, Days 2 and 3 (Ann Arbor to Nauvoo to Lincoln)

So yeah, the campground didn't have Wi-fi.

Day 2: Ann Arbor, Michigan to Nauvoo, Illinois.
Pace: Steady (another 8.5 hours of driving)
Rations: Filling. More friends fed us. What can I say? We have good friends.


Day 3: Nauvoo, Illinois to Lincoln, Nebraska.
Pace: GRUELING, due to the multiple wrong turns and closed roads.
Rations: Filling. Yep, friends fed us.

Yesterday (Day 2) was kind of a hard day. I know, right when I thought we were getting good at this. It started out GREAT when I got to meet up with an old college roommate in South Bend. I told her I'd be passing through town and she set up a lunch for us at a park. It was brilliant. If I had the picture she took of us together for the first time in what we think is about nine years, I'd post it. Probably.

What was not so brilliant was right after that in the car, when Magdalena spat/threw up milk all over herself and her carseat. We pulled over at a travel plaza to take care of it. Then came a quick succession of that special brand of sarcastic remarks, where you say something like, "It's a good thing the nasty spit-up milk didn't find its way into the deepest crevasses of the carseat" and you un-mean it with every fiber of your being.

"It's a good thing it's not really hot and humid outside while we're trying to deal with this stressful situation."

"It's a good thing there's not really annoying music blasting over the travel plaza speakers."

"I'm so glad a huge box of crackers didn't fall out of the car when we opened the back door, spilling saltines all over the area we are in and severely depleting our snack supply."

"Fortunately, there's not a baby the next car over screaming its head off."

"How wonderful that both our credit cards were denied multiple times at the gas pump before finally working."

Anyway, the rest of the day was fine, I guess.

We paid $9 to camp in Nauvoo. I loved paying only $9. I can't stop thinking about it.

Nauvoo was awesome and you should go there. It was as good as Plimoth Plantation but free.

Somehow, between Days 2 and 3, we managed to cross into Iowa no fewer than three times. One of those was a mistaken jaunt over the Mississippi River. Another was legitimate. The last one was because Nigel the GPS sent us from Nauvoo to Lincoln (where we are now) through - wait for it - northern Missouri. Except that highway ended up being closed halfway through. Then the detour we took was closed, too. So we had a bit of extra driving today.

And I'm tired and I have a headache and I ate like five packs of Gushers today and some saltwater taffy I bought at a gas station and ew. And there are still something like 14 hours to go.

Sometime when I don't have a headache I will write about the Joys of the Road Trip, for they are many. Until then.


Susanne said...

Thanks for the update! How nice that you and Liz could get together. :)

Liz Johnson said...

It was SO FUN seeing you!!!! And the picture turned out great of you... and I look enormous. Or pregnant. Or both. :)

Jen said...


Also, why do they play such loud music at rest stops? I don't get it.

I'm loving hearing about all of your adventures. Keep 'em coming!

Kathy Haynie said...

If you come far enough, our Oregon rest stops NEVER have music. Ever. And I would feed you lunch.

Jennifer said...

I had my own first rely-on-the-GPS-and-have-it-lead-you-on-a-wild-goose-chase experience last week and it made me want to swear them off forever. I'm glad there were good parts too and I can't wait to hear about them. :)

You really do seem to have friends all over the country!


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