Monday, August 30, 2010

I wonder if 'mortified' is a better word than 'embarrassed' in this situation.

Remember when I talked about my most embarrassing moments a few weeks ago? Well, unfortunately, I came across a new embarrassing moment. It just happened last week.

When we got to Idaho Falls, we found a stack of - wait for it - return-addressed, stamped thank you notes. From our wedding. Almost nine years ago. The envelopes have the addressees' names on them, but no addresses. So I imagine (I can't remember exactly since it's been almost a decade) that I wrote the thank you notes, stamped them, return-addressed them, wrote the addressee's name on them, and then put them aside to look up the address later.

Well, "later" never came because we moved to Russia and then moved to American Fork, and then moved and moved and moved and seriously, we didn't even see our wedding gifts until we'd been married for four years. So this stack of thank you notes slipped through the cracks.

Until now. I mentioned that I'm really embarrassed and it's because hardly any concept was drilled into my head as a kid more than the rule that you always, always send thank you notes. Always. What makes this worse is that obviously I forgot I never sent these, so some of these people I've spoken with face to face in the nine years since my wedding. And maybe they were wondering if I ever received their gift, or if I just didn't care, and meanwhile I had no idea I needed to apologize for not thanking them properly.

So, to the following people, let me say that I wrote you a thank you note nine years ago but I never sent it:

Glade & BJ Walker
Karalee Palmer
Graziano Family
Steve Lusk
Kristen Winkel
Cathy Jones
Bangerter Sensei
George Perkins
Ryan & Chelsea Kendall
Ann & Kevin Keller
Ryan & Marianne Anderson

That is all. Perhaps you'll see it in the mail soon, complete with a 34-cent stamp from nine years ago. Do they sell 10-cent makeup stamps these days? I guess I'll find out.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

The adage "better late than never" is appropriate for a situation like this. I would hand-write on the back of the envelope a one sentence explanation. You'll brighten someone's day & make them smile.

Trina said...

This is way too funny!

Kathy Haynie said...

Hahahaha - if that's the worst mistake you make in your life, you are in pretty good shape. Confession is good for the made me smile today.

Linda said...

The 10cent stamp is a clock, I think!
Send really will make their day. Thanks for being the kind of person that sends makes people happy to be thanked for their kindnesses.

Myrna said...

This is so funny! Thank you for sharing it so the rest of us know we are not the only ones losing our minds!

I agree with Suzanne--you might as well send them and share the humor!

The Ensign's said...

Seriously this is one of your most embarrassing moments. Let's just take a minute to make a little confession. Chad and I never mailed out a SINGLE thank you card. In fact we never even wrote any. I DID get a box of thank you cards with the intention to write them and that box has come in handy any time I've needed a thank you card. Seriously I have always felt a little bad about it, but never embarressed. In fact I've never even thought I should feel embarressed about it. Know I just feel aweful. After months went by and we hadn't done it yet I just kinda assumed it was too late. Maybe I should try and dig up the list and write them 7 years later. Oooops.

Amanda said...

We wrote our thank yous (okay, I wrote them) and then later, at work, people were like, "Thanks for the Thank You note, but that's not what I gave you." So apparently our scribe must have gotten a little mixed up. That was pretty embarrassing too.

Bridget said...

Janae, don't feel bad. I think the biggest embarrassment here is not necessarily that I didn't send the cards but that I didn't KNOW I didn't send them. It's worse somehow.

Kitty Crazy! said...

Sorry to make the situation worse, but I found 3 more:

Carolyn Ward
Jill & Keith Blaisdell
Ruth Gray

I forgot to give you these, as I thought I might actually run into those people and hand them to them personally, with an awkward explanation!-Janice


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