Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay is out there somewhere

Mockingjay, the sequel to The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, is released today. Now I have a dilemma.

You see, my copies of the first two books are packed away, on their way to the UAE. It shouldn't matter, right? Because it's the third book that's new?

Except I do like to re-read the first books in a series before reading the last new one. Plus, I read this article in the NYT recently about happiness and it said that looking forward to something for a long time makes that thing more rewarding when you finally get it.

Now, I've already been waiting for this book for a year, so I'm sure it will be plenty rewarding. But it will be more so if I wait to read it until I get my hands on the first two books and re-read them.

But in the meantime, what if someone accidentally spoils Mockingjay for me?

Is anyone else waiting a while to read this one? If so, please join me in my self-imposed total radio silence on all things Panem.


Amanda said...

Mine came yesterday, an unexpected present in the mail, but I have a lot of school work, I'm in the middle of reading The Help, which is due back at the library in a week and I can't renew it, AND I wanted to re-read the first two. So, I'll be waiting a while, maybe 2 weeks, or as long as I can stand it.

Crys said...

Mine is hopefully in the mail. I ordered it two months ago along with copies of the other two. I'm trying not to think about since it makes me a little anxious. I don't know why...they are fictional characters, in someones fictional story but I want it to turn out a certain way....anywho I'm reading it the second I get it :)

Kristen Sheranian said...

I know I am waiting for mine. I waited to long to order it and so it is not coming for another few days. Always the waiting game. Hope you are doing well. I wish I could have seen you before you left. I think we just missed each other! Oh well. I guess we will just have keep in touch through our blogs! Good luck with everything!

Alyson P. said...

With all the driving and traveling you're doing, you should listen to the audio books. I could probably get you the digital download from the library.

Brittany Cornett said...

I am debating whether to buy the book this week or wait. I have already spent my allowance for the month and should not spend more. But at Target it is only $13 and what is $13 really. HMMM choices choices.

Katie said...

I pre-ordered mine, so it didn't ship until today. Which means that it won't get to my house until Friday. Well, I'm going on vacation Friday and doubt it will come before I leave. And I don't want to take it on vacation because I know that all I'll want to do is read and I will totally ignore my husband and all things that I'm supposed to be going away to see.

Also, I really want to re-read the first two books too. So yes, I'm waiting, but probably only a couple of weeks.

Oh, and can I just mention that LOST came out today too! How cruel releasing them on the same day.

shock of life said...

how funny- my kids and i are so excited for the release of this book so I googled if the release date was a North American date or if it would be possible to get it in the UAE as well. The google link took me to your blog! So funny to me since you are waiting for the book and are on your way to Dubai. I live there too and also have a blog about our "adventure". I look forward to checking out your posts. Glad to have found you.

Bridget said...

shock of life, what a coincidence! I look forward to seeing what you have to say about Dubai. We'll be there next month, just after Ramadan.

Sarah Rose Evans said...

I never re-read but I decided to take the time to do it this time, because I imagined it would be nice to have the continuity. Anyway, you can borrow mine if you'd like when you're in P-town.


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