Thursday, September 09, 2010

Vote on the new name for this blog!

I've given up on changing the URL of my blog every time we move. I'm lazy like that. But I will be changing the title of My Adventures in Ithaca once we arrive in the UAE next Wednesday. The question is, what should I call it? Here's a crash course on the possibilities. Read my thoughts and then vote (you can choose up to two titles), or vote and then read my thoughts. Whatever. But vote! I can't guarantee that I'll choose the most popular title as my final decision, but I need to get a feel for what makes the most sense to my readers. Please note that there is a spot in the poll for you to suggest your own idea.

My Adventures in Sharjah. The obvious choice. But I think Sharjah is too obscure to use right in the blog title. Which brings me to...

My Adventures in Dubai. But I can't help but feel that this choice is slightly disingenuous. We're the next emirate-city over from Dubai (in Sharjah), so it's not as correct as it could be. The name recognition factor is nice, though.

My Adventures in the Emirates. This solves the Dubai vs. Sharjah problem and I think "the Emirates" is not too obscure or off-putting.

My Adventures in the UAE. Is "UAE" better than "Emirates"? That's what could set these two choices apart.

My Adventures in Arabia. This choice is definitely a front-runner for me but I'm not completely sold on it yet.

My Adventures in Arabia Deserta. Jeremy's idea. It certainly is evocative but maybe it's also a little too weird?

Bridget of Arabia. This would mix it up a bit but that might not be a bad thing.


Susanne said...

Cute names! For some reason I like the flow of My Adventures in the Emirates the best.

Bridget of Arabia is cute, but I already read a blog by Susie of Arabia (she lives in Saudi) and doesn't "of" imply your are from there? I know you already have problems with that based on your post about Oregon. :)

Jeremy's suggestion is rather nice. Lots of good choices. I'm eager to see what you end up with! Enjoy your last few days in the US!

Mikael said...

Just the name Dubai makes me want to read it! It depends who you want your audience to be. I am an average, middle class, white mommy and wife. It doesnt matter what you name it, becuase your blog rocks either way!
See ya tomorrow :) I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Teresa Jane said...

I love "Bridget of Arabia!" Lawrence of Arabia wasn't from there either, but it worked for him...


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