Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't tell the feminists.

I don't know quite where to begin this post. What do I tell you first?

That I applied for a UAE driver's license today, and was required to produce a letter from my husband telling the Traffic Safety department that he gave his consent for them to issue me one?

That Jeremy figured out last night that the Arabic instructions on the brownie mix box are conjugated as if addressing a woman (when usually instructions assume a man)?

Or that in the eyes of the UAE I am officially, irrevocably a housewife by profession, as declared by my new residence visa?

Honestly, I am amused more than offended at all of the above. We are not in Kansas anymore, after all.

(Just don't tell them that's my maiden name WHICH I KEPT, thank you very much, right there on the residence visa. Mwahahahahahaha.)


Susanne said...

Probably if you ever leave the country without Jeremy, he will get a text message informing him that his wife is leaving the UAE. This is what my friend in Abu Dhabi told us happens to her. :)

I think I'd be most peeved that you had to get Jeremy's blessing to apply for a driver's license. I have getting-permission-from-men issues! Oh and "housewife" is so old if you are married to your house. Bah! Did they give you a choice of what to put there? Why not Bridget, Domestic Engineer? Kidding!

I don't get why keeping your maiden name is a huge deal. Most Arab women that I know don't take their husband's last name at all.

Liz Johnson said...


Oh man. I guess you should probably resubscribe to FMH, eh? I mean, now that you're officially a housewife? :)

Melody said...

I suppose this is sort of a comment to a comment, but when I was working for a Dr.'s office in California, a woman filling out the occupation line wrote "Domestic goddess." Domestic Engineer reminded me of that.

Nancy said...

That is so awesome!

Mikael said...

Love the title "housewife".


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