Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend there vs. here

Our weekends here are Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a regular work day, the first day of the week. It takes a little getting used to. There are definitely pros and cons to being skewed from the schedule most of the world follows.

- Our day of rest comes right after the busy workweek so I feel like I appreciate and take advantage of it more.
- The day after the Sabbath is a play day, so there's no sneaky business stuff creeping in that Friday night.
- My WAHM workload is highest on Wednesdays and Sundays. In the US, I was basically missing out on half of my potential wages. Here, Sunday is fair game. Woohoo!

- The Fri/Sat thing plus the time difference means that if I need to do business with any institution in the US, there are very small windows of opportunity for me to do so. Yesterday (Sunday) morning I got all responsible and sat down at the computer to take care of a few loathsome bank tasks that I've put off one too many times. Then I realized that not for a further 36 hours or so would those banks actually be open. Dang. Motivation FAIL.
- I will probably never, ever be able to keep from saying "Sunday School." Sigh. "Sabbath School" and even "Friday School" just don't have the same ring or hundreds of years of tradition behind them.
- It's all well and good to have Saturday as the play day but I have to say it does put a damper on your fun to know that the next day is a work day.

Somehow I've got off track of the point of this post, which was, if I recall correctly, to say that my church's annual worldwide meeting (General Conference for those in the know) was this last weekend - the western world's weekend - and we're doing our best to catch up on watching it. We'll watch it as a congregation in a week or two. In the US and in most of the other places we've been, we watched it more or less live even though overseas (and in Ithaca, now that I think about it) it meant hanging out at church until after dark to catch all the talks. Here, we would have had to stay up all night until 6 in the morning on a work day to watch it live. Obviously that didn't happen.

Here are my favorite two talks of the first session (Saturday morning; we watched it on Saturday night). Before you watch Elder Uchtdorf's talk, you have to know that he always, always tells some story about being a pilot and flying airplanes. Also, I can't recall ever seeing something as dramatic (ha) as his coughing fit happen at General Conference, which is really saying something. Namely, that nothing dramatic ever happens at conference.

And I loved following along (although not in real time, sadly) with By Common Consent's coverage.

Did you enjoy your weekend?


Sherwood family said...

We must think alike; I was just thinking about writing a post on Conference overseas in a Muslim country. You know, because everyone can relate. We're just having Conference four days in a row. It's a good thing the girls like it. I miss Conference weekend, though.

Liz Johnson said...

YES. And I loved the exact same talks. In fact, I shall now rewatch them multiple times.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The talks being available for watching over and over is a wonderful blessing. I remember when we had to wait for the Ensign to come out to review them. There was a time when they weren't even broadcast at all.

The most dramatic GC event was when Pres. Hunter keeled straight over in the middle of his talk one time. The bretheren lifted him up & he picked up right where he left off, didn't miss a word. Nor did he appear at all flustered or hurt.

Kathy Haynie said...

Those were my 2 favorite talks, too. Amazing. (The talks, I mean.)

Jeremy Palmer said...

I like the US weekend better. You have Sunday to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the week.

Susanne said...

I listened to the first talk the other day. It was sweet when that man thanked his parents.


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