Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashback Friday: Engagement pictures

I happen to really like the somewhat-exclusive-to-Mormonism practice of including a photo of the engaged couple with the wedding announcements. It just makes so much sense in a situation where anyone invited to the reception is likely to personally know either the bride or the groom but not both.

Back when Jeremy and I had our engagement photos taken, it wasn't like these days where every other person has a reasonably nice camera. We paid a friend of Jeremy's a paltry sum to take us to the grounds of the mental institution in Provo (true story) and snap a few photos. Then we chose the best ones to send out with our wedding invitations. We ended up having two favorites, so some invitations included one and some included the other.

Here are the two we chose:

Here are a couple from the reject pile - nothing too horrible, thank goodness.
SUN IN MY EYES and terrible shadows. Ugh.

The soft focus just goes to show that 2001 was not as far removed from the 90s as we would like to think it was.

This one makes me laugh. It seems like the tree is tearing our relationship apart.

My favorite outtake is this one:
because this is Jeremy and no engagement photo shoot would be complete without a complete joke of a picture.

Since going through the process ourselves nine years ago, I have seen some truly amazing engagement photos as well as some truly gag-worthy ones. I think the worst I ever saw was a picture of the engaged couple touching tongues. Fortunately, this was not someone I personally knew (it was an acquaintance of a friend), which is just as well because if you think touching tongues in your engagement pictures is acceptable, then we are not friends anymore. Sorry.

What gems have you seen, and should we have gone with the bearded engagement photo after all??


Jessie said...

We had our engagement photos done in the EXACT. SAME. SPOT!!! What are the odds?? My mind is blown.

Jessie said...

And my favorite announcements to make fun of are the ones that cram as many pictures as possible onto the card. I saw one once with SIXTEEN thumbnail-sized pictures. SIXTEEN.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Re the touching tongues one. If it wasn't already repulsive enough, it's somehow even worse when the groom-turned-husband is later arrested for the murder of his first wife. Eeewww.

One announcement photo we received featured the (lovely??) bride and (handsome??) groom both wearing baseball caps pulled low over their faces; thus we could not tell if they were lovely or handsome. We hoped they were. We didn't recognize them at the reception.

Liz Johnson said...

I once got a wedding invite where the bride and groom were both laying on the ground with their heads facing opposite directions. I kept turning the invitation around over and over. Finally I just got mad. It was strangely annoying to not be able to see both faces facing the same way. I get itchy just thinking about it.

Also, the groom from the tongue-touching one is now divorced from that wife and can currently be found in the Durham County jail, if anybody's interested. :)

Nancy said...

I just popped in to say that I think that's the most hair I've seen on Jeremy's head, ever. He seems to always be begging for a buzz just like my husband.

I'm so glad I popped in though because that tongue-touching story is like 10x better in the comments...

Bridget said...

Jessie, that is so weird. Really, what are the odds?

I didn't mention the murderer bit because I didn't want to prejudice anyone's judgment, but yeah.

Jen said...

I think we ALL felt like we needed to shower after seeing the tongue-touching engagement photo.

Bridget, seeing your engagement photo brought me back to another time! I can picture the exact place I was standing in my apartment when I opened it and placed it on the fridge.

That seems like a lifetime ago.

Side note: I like that many of us belong to the "my-engagement-photos-were-taken-with-a-regular-film-camera" club.

Kristen said...

Why am I the only one who doesn't know about the tongue-touching murderous fiancee? I demand the full explanation, if you please.

Also, enjoyed the outtakes. You look the same now as you did then, by the way. Which I mean as a sincere compliment.

Bridget said...

Liz can tell me to edit this if she wants, but the link to the engagement photo of horror is here.

Bridget said...

And Liz, if you ever read this you should add the link explaining how the new wife helped the investigation - what TV show was it? 60 minutes or 20/20?

AmandaStretch said...

Ah, the Provo Castle. Actually, lots of couples take engagement pictures there, and it really is a beautiful location. I performed there for a couple of years, and every weekend we were rehearsing, there was some kind of photo shoot going on. I almost always recognize it when I see it in engagement pictures or even various films/commercials filmed there. :)

One engagement picture I don't like is when the focus of the picture is the ring. For example, the couple is kissing in the out of focus background, and the ring is front and center. Of course, the one I specifically remember like that is from an ex's wedding announcement, so maybe that's part of why I was Judgey McJudgerson about it. ;)

Liz Johnson said...

Ooh! Here are some links.

The ABC: Primetime Crime show that they did where the second wife is interviewed about how psycho Raven is.

The local news archive regarding the case.

He is currently being held without bond at the Durham County Jail for the murder of his first wife (my cousin).

Susanne said...

Great post and,um, interesting comments. So sorry about the murder of Liz's cousin! :-(

I like the beard picture! Jeremy looks like a very religious Middle Eastern guy to me. :)

I like the Mormon tradition of sending photos like that!


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