Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday: TPing @ the BYU

Do the kids still toilet paper each other these days? Back when I was a teenager, it was the preferred method of showing mischievous affection. Mostly we did it to our unsuspecting friends' houses in the dark of night, but I also remember a few brave raids made in broad daylight. Looking back, it seems like a terrible waste of perfectly good bathroom tissue but at the time it was such great fun.

The last time I ever TPed someone was my freshman year at the BYU. But of course since we didn't live in proper stand-alone dwellings, we had to get creative. I don't quite remember which came first, the hill or my roommates' room. But both were TPed by my friends and me one day in late 1999.

We ran up and down the hill next to our Heritage Halls dorm (Carroll Hall, if you care to know) strewing TP all over the place. (In the 11 years since we did this, the hill has been re-landscaped. There's a creek there with ducks and everything now.)

My roommates Natalie and Cassie - with whom I still keep in touch, if you can believe it!

Of course we cleaned it up!

Heritage Halls has 6-person apartments, split into three bedrooms. Three or four of us TPed the remaining two roommates' room while they were out. Then we took pictures of it. Then we pretended to be all surprised and puzzled when they came home and saw the mess. Then we developed the photos and surreptitiously put them on our fridge to deepen the mystery. Eventually we told them it was us and I'm sure they were disappointed it wasn't some cute boys. But said cute boys being in their bedroom would have been against the Honor Code, so it was for the best.

But really, do the kids toilet paper each other anymore?


Suzanne Bubnash said...

I didn't know you did crazy stuff like that in college of all places. Never liked it when kids tpd our house because it's so damp here. It's almost impossible to get off a tree branch once it's wet.

Jen said...

Ummmmm....I have no recollection of this whatsoever. I was Yeah, that's it. Liz, do you remember hearing about this?

Side note: Do you remember when we had that RS sleepover in Bountiful and the boys came up and TP'd and then WE had to clean it all up (after it had rained)??

I'm with your mom on this one, by the way. I'm going to be the wet blanket when it comes to TPing.

Liz Johnson said...

Zero recollection. I'm sure Jen & I were so immersed in our studies that we must've missed it. We definitely didn't sleep through it. No, that couldn't have been it. :)

Do you remember the boys filling up a grocery cart full of snow and blockading our back door?

I'm really hoping TP-ing is a fad and that my kids never do it. Blech.

Jeanerbee said...

Ohmygosh! That's MY ROOM! I had completely forgotten about this event... Bridget I believe you have the best memory of anyone I have ever met! Wow. Pics of my old room... brings back such memories! Have they really re-landscaped out there???

Kathy Haynie said...

I don't see it as much (Oregon City) as I used to. Maybe they're all so busy texting or on Facebook now. Even though my husband and I teach high school, we have only been tp'ed once or twice. The most recent time was on the day of a dear young man's funeral. He had been so full of life, and died way too young of sarcoma cancer. When I told his mother about it later, she said that when they went through his things, they found a whole bunch of tp in his car trunk. She and I think he had something to do with that event in our yard.

Merkley Jiating said...

You little rebel!

I think I need to go through your archives and find a pregnant picture of you. Because I bet you were adorable. And just you wait. Around 30 weeks, I explode. Everywhere. I have terrible stretch marks on my legs and stomach because of it.

Tia said...

I remember when I was twelve the YW Presidency came and picked up a bunch of us late at night and we went and TPed bishop's counselors houses and then we went to a restaurant & ordered milkshakes until 2am. It was awesome.
I randomly see a tped house every now and then.

Julie said...

I totally remember this incident (and didn't at all suspect that it was you, although I don't think I suspected cute boys since we were out with cute boys when it took place). I also remember the RS sleepover, and it was very annoying to clean up the wet TP. I remember the shopping cart too.

I don't think I would have remembered any of those things if had you not written this post however, so thanks for the walk down memory lane! That was a fun year.

Kristen said...

I was a TP-er. And I did it in college. At the BYU. And one victim was our BISHOP's house. Yeah.

Perhaps I'll throw that out on a Flashback Friday sometime soon, thanks for the reminder. :)

And also, I do think it is so weird how entire episodes of our lives completely die in our memory until resurrected by some random photo or anecdote when it all comes rushing back. Happens to me all the time, and I think--this moment was so important to me at the time, how could I have forgotten about it so entirely?


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