Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween dregs

Behold the remainder of the girls' Halloween candy haul:
A nasty braided marshmallow rope, three suckers, a stray bubble gum, two cappucino-flavored candies, two other mystery coffee candies, some random hard candies, an eyeball gumball, a chocolate Euro, and two Werther's Original that are gone now since this photo alerted me to their existence.

What do you have left?


Susanne said...

LOL @ the missing Werther's. ;)

Did many people in your compound participate in trick or treating? What were the costumes like? Anything especially take your attention because there were so many of them?

Christi and Clifton said...

Pixie sticks, tootsie pops and some jaw breakers. :)The girls were done eating Halloween candy after the first two days. I feel kind of guilty-I let them eat a lot Halloween night and maybe a few the next day and then the candy turns into treats for being good. Is that fair to use their own candy against them?

Craig said...

I still have two or three bags full of Snickers (due to overbuying on purpose).

Liz Johnson said...

Whoppers and a bazillion pixie stix. They're about to go in the trash.


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