Sunday, November 14, 2010

O man.

If all goes as planned (hahahahahahahaha) we will be leaving momentarily to go to Oman. Well, I should say that no matter what, we will be leaving momentarily. Whether or not we end up in Oman is not entirely up to us, depending on border crossings, etc.

It's Eid al-Adha around here (Festival of Sacrifice) so Jeremy has the week off from work. That's all the excuse we need to go check out our next-door neighbor, Oman.

I am not sure whether I'll be able to get on the internet for the next few days but never fear, I scheduled a couple of blog posts to fulfill my NaBloPoMo obligation.

And as I was writing this, Miriam spilled yogurt all down the front of the clothes I was intending her to wear for the next few days. So I better go.


Liz Johnson said...

Is it bad that between life, children, and border crossings, I will consider it a minor miracle if you end up in Oman without anybody bursting into tears? Or is that simply a projection of my own overwhelmed-ness?

Good luck! May Oman be simply wonderful. :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Scope it out thoroughly so we will know what to see on our next trip!

Becky said...

Good luck! Hope you make it! Those Middle Eastern Border Crossings are an interesting experience.

Anonymous said...

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