Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book envy

We went to Kinokuniya Book World the other day. It's a massive book store with all the love and care of the written word that you'd find in a place like Powell's, only without the attractive sense of disorder. Despite my great love of books, a trip to the bookstore - especially one as magnificent as Kinokuniya - almost always leaves me feeling demoralized. I always see about 16,000 books I'd like to read and of course there is no chance of purchasing them all. Not only would the cost be prohibitive, but we spent several agonizing hours paring down our book collection back in May and the last thing we need to do is build it up again. It's even more heartbreaking visiting an English-language bookstore here in the Middle East because the consolation of finding a specific book at the library instead is far from a sure thing.

Sigh. If only.

The other downside of going to a bookstore is that (here, at least) they have all the pretty UK covers on the books. It's enough to make me want to re-purchase books I already own. There were gorgeous Chronicles of Narnia sets that put our ragged used Amazon copies to shame. I also saw a set of Little House on the Prairie books that were illustrated in color. Beautiful. Then there was your requisite stack of Twilight books, but look at the covers!

Aren't they lovely?

We already own all the Harry Potter books but of course it's a mix of paperback and hardback that irritates my perfectionist bookshelf organization tendencies. Wouldn't it be fun to start fresh with this version of the covers?

Although when it comes to this copy of Mockingjay, I think I prefer the original US hardback cover. I swear I stopped reading that book for a few moments every once in a while just so I could stroke it lovingly.

Which brings me back to how much I love books and thus how painful it is for me to leave a bookstore even the tiniest bit empty-handed. Sigh.


Liz Johnson said...

Does the English bookstore take used trade-ins? We used to have one that did in Mexico, and my mom would buy them and then sell them back, thus reducing the overall cost. Or just buy them and then donate them somewhere and write them off as charity tax deductions. :)

Carrie G said...

Those Twilight books look so Christmasy! They just need tinsel so they'll sparkle :)

Aimee said...

Ooh, I really feel your book envy. I love the smell of bookstores, and the books. I have begun taking pictures of books I'd like to read with my phone, so that I can look them up and request them at the library!

Katie said...

I feel exactly the same way. I have to avoid the bookstore all together. But going to the Library is hard because there are about 20 books I want to check out every time, but I know I'll never have them all read in the max of 6 weeks you can keep them. Then I just want to cry when I have to return a book that I haven't read yet. Which leads me to wanting to go to the bookstore and just buy the book. but I don't have money to buy, or store. I already need more bookshelves. but I am tired of storing and moving books. It's a never ending circle.

I hope that Santa Clause gives you some books for Christmas!

sarah said...

How cool! I love those covers. I also love how they carry "sugar and spice" by lauren conrad over there. I'm sure it's very popular...


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