Wednesday, December 08, 2010

In search of...

I swear I am being absolutely serious when I say that I have been on a laundry detergent-related quest since 2005. Once in 2005, I was in someone's laundry room and I caught a whiff of the most heavenly laundry detergent I have ever smelled. It was cleanliness, freshness, tidiness, and ease all wrapped up in one lovely scent - a chemistry team coup, in other words.

The problem is, I never got a chance to look for the source of the fragrance. I assumed it was laundry soap because I smelled it in the laundry room. I have since sensed the same smell (only in the Middle East) in the general aura of people wearing clothing that must have at some point been laundered.

But I'm starting to doubt that the scent I've been after for almost six years is available in laundry detergent form. That's because every time I have to buy detergent, I make sure to smell all of the available brands. Sometimes I get my hopes up and buy a certain brand, convinced it's The One. But it never is. I still haven't found my dream detergent.

I've tried:

I thought this was the one. It wasn't. And now it just reminds me of morning sickness since I it's what I was using when I was pregnant with Miriam. I can't buy it anymore. In fact, even just looking at the box makes me queasy.

When Persil wasn't the one, I thought Ariel must be my wonderful mystery detergent since it's the second-biggest brand around here. Sadly, it does not smell even remotely like heaven.

Big disappointment.

Smells the same way it does in the US, i.e., not delicious.

This one didn't even get a trial purchase. Not even close.

I actually like the smell of this one, but it still isn't as good as The One.

The worst part is, now I've gone through every detergent in the laundry aisle and none of them match that smell. What am I missing? Is there a spray starch or softener that I should look into? Or do I just need to wait until I smell it in on someone and then work up the guts to ask a complete stranger how they launder their clothes?

Have you ever been on a quest for a mystery scent or flavor?


Joana said...

I use Persil here in Egypt, but the wonderful, fresh laundry smell comes when I add Downy softner (the label is in Arabic). The scent is Dream Garden and its green. Hope this helps.

Jen said...

Oh, Bridget. You've taken the name of Tide in vain. I'm a lifelong Tide snob, and proud to be so. =)

(Also, nobody makes fabric softener like Downy. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.)

(Disclaimer: I have an ENTIRE BOOK--400pps--on the art of laundry. Yeah. I'm like THAT. So that being said, I wait with baited breath for the follow-up post to this one.)

Lilianne said...

Downy! I will REWASH my clothes if this little gem doesn't get added in. I LOVE the smell and there are about 10 different scent choices. Not only does it make your clothes smell delicious, it makes them heavenly soft. It's a must, must, must.

Good luck!

Bridget said...

I have never used Downy before. Do you put it in the washer or what? I hope it's not a dryer thing because we don't use one here. I am so excited to go to the store tomorrow and start sniffing out these Downy varieties!!

Sarah Rose Evans said...

Eddie had a detergent in Korea that he LOVED and recommended to everyone and we washed our clothes in it for months (and they got suspiciously funkier and funkier) until we realized we were washing our clothes in fabric softener, not soap. Opps. We still used it afterward, though, because it smelled so good. We just made sure to wash the clothes first.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Buy downy liquid for the wash

I'm partial to dawn liquid for dishes. It conjures up good memories.

Lilianne said...

You put Downy in during the rinse cycle. If you don't want to have to worry about getting it in during the rinse cycle (if you have a front loader, there should be a spot for it where you put in your detergent and if you have a top loader, you'll have to add it while the water comes in for the rinse cycle) - but you can buy a little "ball" that pops open during the rinse cycle so you don't have to worry about standing close to your machine to make sure it gets in there. Seriously, you'll fall in love with it! And a little goes a LONG way. Just so you know!

Susanne said...

It's fun seeing the variety of brands in other places. I,too, have smelled really good-smelling clothes and wondered what someone used. Never asked though.


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