Sunday, December 05, 2010

Not too thrilled about H&M's return policy.

I was really excited to find out that there are H&M stores here. It pretty much erases the sadness of not having Old Navy and Target for children's clothing. The other day, I was at the H&M at the Dubai Mall. I had both girls with me. We had already done a few errands and even the promise of a gander at the gigantic aquarium was not enough to sustain their little attention spans through one more shopping trip.

So I bought a dress from H&M - my first non-kids purchase there - not entirely positively absolutely sure that I really wanted it.

Mind you, I did go through the hassle of trying it on, which is a hassle regardless because it messes up your hair and the lighting in those rooms always makes you look garish. But the specific hassle I'm referring to is when you have your two kids in there with you and one is messing up your yes/maybe/no piles while the other keeps trying to throw the door wide open at the exact moment when you are wearing naught but your skivvies.

The running commentary in the dressing room (including the mental and the verbal) is something like, "Oooh, I like the neckline DON'T MOVE THAT SHIRT OFF THAT HOOK but it seems to gather unattractively right around the hips KEEP THE DOOR SHUT PLEASE and maybe another color would be better? or another size? PLEASE DON'T CRAWL OUT UNDER THE DOOR I AM NOT DRESSED ENOUGH TO COME AFTER YOU but if I had the right shoes on it might look better DID YOU JUST MOVE MY PANTS INTO ONE OF THOSE PILES?? hmmm...better take it home for another look."

When I did get the dress home for another look, I was pretty sure I wanted to return it. I actually did love it, but it was a heartbreaking two inches too short (Mormons everywhere can commiserate, I'm sure). It was eight days before I could get back to that specific H&M store (although I should add that I attempted a return run on the seventh day but was unable to follow through for Dubai insane traffic-related reasons).

ANYWAY, when I finally got into the store on the eighth day to reluctantly return the dress, I was told that I could only turn it in for an exchange, not an outright refund, since more than seven days had elapsed since my purchase. Well, I had my two kids with me (again!) so it wasn't like I had ample time to browse for an exchange item. So I asked if I could get store credit of some kind. That's when it came out that well, the dress has gone on sale in the above-mentioned eight days so even if you exchange it, you will only get the sale price amount of credit.

Did I mention I had the receipt and everything? It didn't matter. Basically I had to keep the dress or lose money.

So I kept the dress.

The moral of the story is, don't buy anything at H&M unless you are dang sure you are a) going to keep it, or b) absolutely at peace with the possibility that it could go on sale in the imminent future and you will lose out on said savings.

In the end, I think I am slightly more annoyed with the dress being two inches too short than I am with losing out on the sale price. The dress was worth a certain price to me when I bought it and nothing can really change that. Now I have to work up the courage to venture into the tailor district in Sharjah and get something done about that hemline. Wish me luck!


Aimee said...

Hmm, I don't remember ever having any troubles returning items at H&M. Perhaps its a new return policy, or maybe it is one specific for the UAE stores? Sorry, you had a bad experience there, and sorry the dress is too short. Does it need to be below the knee or mid-calf?

Bridget said...

Aimee, I'm guessing it's a UAE only policy since it seems so absurd.

The dress is just barely to the knee, which is great when I'm standing up. When I sit down, not so much.

Liz Johnson said...

That is REALLY annoying. I'm sorry. If I were one of those sewing people, I would suggest somehow miniaturizing it so that it fits Miriam or something. But... I have no idea if that's even possible.

At least it was cheap, right? :)

Steven said...

I love H&M. I first discovered it in Munich when they had 4 of them within one block of each other. When I got back from Germany, the closest one was in Seattle. Just recently they opened one in Portland, RIGHT AFTER I moved away.

Kristen said...

I bet you'll be able to do something really cute to lengthen it. I'm imagining a crochet-like border--not sure if that's the right description. Or you could always mail it to me. Would probably be like a mini on my long legs. :)

Sarah Familia said...

Sounds like trying to shop in Italy, where the customer is always WRONG. Store employees here are convinced that there are no problems with merchandise, only with the people who buy it. "Customer service" in the American sense just does not exist. Good thing I hate shopping anyway . . .

Lilianne said...

Buy some leggings! :) And i think that is one of UAE's crazy made-up return policies!

Stacie Palmer said...

I like the leggings idea, Bridget, (for when you find yourself in cooler climates)! Pier One has the same customer-unfriendly policy. I am disgruntled enough to avoid those stores. They should be vying for our business. Consumer power!

Sherman Greene said...

I've returned items to H&M here in Columbia, MD, USA after owning the item for almost a year.


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