Monday, December 06, 2010

Stroller dilemma

We're teetering on the edge of buying another stroller - a jogging stroller. For all I laugh at people who spend $800 on strollers, I can see the joy of being really happy with a stroller that is classy and utilitarian all at once. Let's see if we ever struck that magic balance with any of the strollers we've owned.

Ghetto umbrella stroller. Purchased in Tucson in 2005. This thing was a piece of junk but isn't that the idea of umbrella strollers?

Single jogging stroller. Purchased in Tucson used on Craigslist for around $80 in 2006. We got tons of use out of this thing and then sold it in 2009 for $50. It was a champ and hardly looked worse for the wear.

Another ghetto umbrella stroller. Purchased in Amman, Jordan in 2006. For all its hideousness, this stroller busted its way through some seriously insanely urban conditions in Amman. We used it the next summer, too, and then left it at the church for others to use (and I know of at least two families who did).

Double jogger/bike trailer. Purchased from in 2006. Oh how I loved this stroller/trailer. We used it all the time in both its forms. If we could have found a way to bring it with us to Sharjah, we would have. Instead, it is currently on Ithaca's Craigslist. I can't believe it hasn't sold yet. That thing is golden. This definitely hit the "$800 stroller" sweet spot for me. Luckily, it didn't cost nearly that much.

Nice umbrella stroller. Purchased in Tucson in 2008. I was sick of the terrible old umbrella stroller. Plus, we needed a sturdy stroller to get us through our time in Middlebury since we wouldn't have a car. This one fit the bill perfectly and I continued to love it and use it in Tucson, Provo, and Ithaca. TOO BAD IT GOT STOLEN IN EGYPT LAST SUMMER. Just sayin'.

Yet another ghetto umbrella stroller. Purchased in Cairo, Egypt in 2010. It certainly gets the job done but in the most unattractive way possible. I actually feel embarrassed pushing my kid around in this stroller in public. This is the only stroller we currently own.

Which brings me to the dilemma: should we buy a single jogging stroller? Believe it or not, we have taken Magdalena running in the Egyptian umbrella stroller a couple of times but it is a truly heinous experience. Mostly I cope by making Jeremy push. Jogging strollers pop up on dubizzle (craigslist for the Middle East) often enough that I'm sure we'd score a cheap one eventually.

I think writing this post has convinced me to go for it, though my frugal nature begs me to wait for equal funds to be freed up when our double jogger/bike trailer back in Ithaca sells. However, if I send my frugal nature for ONE jog with that terrible abomination of a neon green umbrella stroller, I'm sure it will reconsider.


Becky said...

I find a jogging stroller to be one of the very few "must-have" baby items! Seriously mine saved my sanity with both kids. And I'm glad I never had to try to push a double. Guess you have to make the call on what you need but I vote for the single!

Liz Johnson said...

I love our Schwinn double jogging stroller - thank you again for that recommendation. I say go for it on the jogging one - you'll use it like crazy!

Amber said...

I went through a similar dilemma about a year ago. I actually wrote about it on my blog. I desperately wanted the $400 jogging stroller, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I wasn't particularly satisfied with much I saw on craigslist, so I ended up with an Instep stroller for about $150. It has been one of my most used baby items!

Also, I have to ask about the double trailer/jogging stroller: Was it hard to fold/transport? how was it with turning?

Bridget said...

Amber, we only had a Toyota Corolla at the time, so the jogger/trailer was almost impossible to transport. It didn't fold up enough to take on an airplane, either, which is why it got left behind :(.

Eevi said...

Bridget, does this mean that you laugh at me and my expensive stroller:) I am debating whether I want to get a double jogger or just find ways to go running by myself.

Bridget said...

Eevi, you're European so you are allowed to buy an $800 stroller. :)

Kristen said...

I can't imagine running with an umbrella stroller. Ugh. And I decided before Madelyn was born to make running "my" time and avoided the jogging stroller on purpose so I wouldn't have an excuse to take Baby with me. But I know not everyone has that flexibility. I would say definitely go with the juzizzle or whozazzle or whatever it's called. Sounds like it would be well worth it.

Jennifer said...

Running with an umbrella stroller might be one of the most awkward things ever! I'd say get the stroller!! Especially if you can get it for a used price on that site.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

All of those strollers are superior to the crap ones we had until we could finally afford a glorified umbrella stroller with our 4th child. I was 'trapped' not having a way to get out with the kids. Jogging strollers weren't invented yet & to me they are the most life-saving baby item ever invented--not for the child but for mom. That's why I've bought one for each of my kids when they had their first baby.

JosephJ said...

I guess getting a little red wagon is out? :)

I'm not a jogger, but having pushed an umbrella stroller at a fast clip while racing through airports, I understand the problem. Big wheels with power steering... and an air conditioner. That's what you need.

Mikael said...

GET IT! Anything that makes us moms sane is worth every penny. DO IT bridget, you will never regret it. :)


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