Thursday, January 06, 2011

Baby name time capsule

YOU GUYS. Remember when I said that when I was a kid I made a list of all the baby names I liked? And how I wished I had the actual list so I could embarrass myself more completely?

WELL. I found the list. I was doing a backup of my computer on our external hard drive the other day and I started wandering around its myriad subfolders and I found it. Specifically, I found it under Bridget Stuff\Docs\OLD\old.

I think what is truly amazing is how many of the names I remembered correctly off the top of my head when I wrote that last post.

Now here are some more, pulled straight from my precious name lists (I had a separate list for girls and boys, and they are too long to reprint in their entireties here).

The truly terrible:

Avis. Clearly I was too young to have heard of the car-rental company.
Charmain. Or the toilet-paper brand (I know it's Charmin, but close enough).
Cleopatra. Ooooookaaaaaaay...
Damaris. I think this was after my fourth-grade class did a play about the first Thanksgiving.
Dion. For a boy, mind you.
Dorias (...?)
Giles. See Thanksgiving play, above.
Honora. OK, I swear someone famous did actually name their baby this.
Hilaire. Again, BOY.
Letitia. As if Lucretia (also on the list) wasn't bad enough.
Monte. This HAD to be in honor of Monte Burns. PLEASE JUST LET IT.
Orestes. Aaaaaand I am now re-considering putting this list out in the open.
Theoderic. The Theodore-Eric hybrid you've always wanted.

The ones I had an ulterior motive for liking:
Xavier. I dunno, it started with an X, all right?
Haley. There was a girl in my class named Haley and she was so beautiful and had the cutest clothes.
Heidi. See above.
Jessamyn. The only Sweet Valley book I was ever allowed to read had a character from the 19th century named Jessamyn and I thought she was the coolest thing ever.
Logan. Wasn't that the name of Mary Anne's dreamy boyfriend from The Babysitter's Club?

The ones I still kinda like:
Aurelia. A friend of ours in Tucson named their baby Aurelia and I was so happy for them.
Aïda. Especially if you get to spell it with the funky two-dot i.

Note that there are no boy names that I still like. Every single name on that list is just terrible. Be grateful I edited it down for you.

I saved the best for last. Also on this list is:


I guess my taste as a seven-year-old wasn't all bad. Mostly, but not ALL.


Amanda said...

There's a little girl in our ward named Alida and she is so cute, it never occurred to me her name would be ugly. Huh.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Mmmm, there's 2 names on the horrible list I've always liked-- Honora (Nora)& Monte. Sometimes when you know and like people with a name, you come to like the name. And the opposite can happen--a perfectly good name can be ruined by an annoying person.

I used to know a girl named Sharman--spelled different than the TP but it comes out the same (haha). My sister said a popular name for boys in Malibu is Ocean!

There are many made-up names floating around these days that sound too unnatural. And don't get me started on the "original" spellings parents use to make their child "different". All that does is make sure the poor kid has to spell their name every single day.

Liz Johnson said...

My sister-in-law is named Charmagne, so that's sort of like Charmain, right?

Jessica Alba named her baby Honor. So... almost Honora. :)

Oh, and I really like Xavier... as long as it's pronounced Zavier. If somebody says Eggs-avier, I get all annoyed. Which is how it got kicked off of my list. Plus I love the spanish version (Javier) and I could call my baby little Xavi... hah-vee. Anyways. Sigh.

I really love Cordelia and Aurelia. Those are my votes for Possible Baby Girl Palmer #3. :)

Susanne said...

Lester is sooo bad. It's too close to molester for my tastes. Some of the others are cute. How neat that Miriam was on your list! :)

I'm glad you found your list - yay!

Cait said...

My dad and grandfather's name is Lester. And it was almost Theodore's middle name because my grandpa died just a few days after he was born, but Tim effectively vetoed it for the reason mentioned above.

I also love the name Ardis. But again, it was because I had a friend at BYU named Ardis who was brilliant and beautiful, so there you go.

Merkley Jiating said...

You liked some crazy names! Most of the names I liked growing up have been crossed off the list because they were too plain. We are really struggling with naming this next baby. Boys are so hard to name!


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