Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18th, outsourced

In case you missed the special episodes of Jeopardy! where Ken Jennings played against a computer, you can find the first one here (and click on the links therein for the subsequent episodes).

After you've watched it (or if you don't mind semi-spoilers), read this really entertaining live chat with Ken Jennings about the match.

Aaaand also here is my favorite Ken Jennings moment ever from his long run of Jeopardy! wins.

ANYWAY. I'm not a naturally talented cook, but I can follow directions well. That's why I love the recipes at Our Best Bites - they teach me general cooking skills and techniques and produce a delicious meal along the way. I also love how the recipes don't usually include really specific, hard-to-substitute ingredients. That makes it easier to follow along even here in the UAE.

Remember Chandra Levy? You probably do, since they recently convicted a man in her killing. But before that, when everyone had kind of forgotten about her, there was this amazing series in The Washington Post about what was at the time a very cold case.

Have you ever had that weird feeling that you've become your mother? My friend Kristen wrote about it beautifully in what remains one of my favorite blog posts from any blog, ever.

Enjoy your weekend!


Liz Johnson said...

I really never thought I'd see Ken Jennings type "If it goes amuck and kills humanity and stuff so sorry lolz my bad!" That made my day.

Jeremy Palmer said...


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed watching Ken Jennings since I'd never seen him on Jeopardy before...I was on my mission in 2004. I like these outsourced Fridays. :)

Jeremy Palmer said...

Addicted. New post soon please.

Bridget said...

Hi Jeremy. I'm working. New post tomorrow, God willing.


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