Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25th, outsourced

I guess I didn't dink around on the internet enough this week, because I don't have a lot of links for you.

Here is an interesting podcast in which a mentor/colleague/friend of Jeremy's is interviewed about the situation in Egypt.

On a related note, here is an article showing some of the funniest signs deployed during the Egypt protests (and discussing the larger role of humor during the protests in general).

I was loving this article by Eric D. Snider about A Streetcar Named Desire even BEFORE he mentioned the episode of The Simpsons that parodies it.

Sometimes I can play the music I hear in movies and TV shows on the piano by ear. Sometimes I have trouble figuring it out. So I was really excited when I found this YouTube user who figured out and then transcribed a lot of beautiful songs from BBC miniseries, etc.

Finally, here's how to pass through a door.


elliespen said...

That episode of the Simpsons is the inspiration for one of our favorite family games. It's called "Inappropriate Musical Adaptations." You think of the worst source material for a Broadway musical (or a kids movie, a la Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame"), and then you have to give the name of at least one song that would be in that musical. You get bonus points if you sing a line or two from it.

Our favorite so far is "The Hunt for Red October: The Musical!" with such songs as "Oh, give me one ping, but only one ping, cuz if you give me two pings I'll go mad", the soulful ballad "I would like to have seen Montana," and the full-chorus tap dance "Most things in here do not react well to bullets."

Liz Johnson said...

So THAT is how you walk through a door!!!!

(seriously though... why is that so hard for people?!!?!??!?!)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Those Egyptian signs--so clever. I admire people who can craft strong messages using few words.

Katie said...

Haha. Love that door info graphic. Or whatever you'd call it.


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