Friday, February 04, 2011

February 4th, outsourced

If you're looking for a Flashback Friday fix, you can check out the main directory here.

Today, however, I'd like to break 2.5 years of tradition and post something else on a Friday. I'm thinking of doing this every Friday from here on out, actually. It might be nice to have a sort of weekly depository post where I can link to interesting articles or funny videos or blog posts that made me think. I haven't though of a catchy name yet, but let's see how it goes this week.

Consider watching Downton Abbey (you can do so free, online, here). If you think you will like it, you will probably love it. If you think you won't like it, you still might. After you're done watching - but not before, because there are spoilers - read this article.

I first posted this gem of a video in 2006. Now that we're all watching Al Jazeera English again, I thought it would be appropriate and hilarious to link to it again.

My brother-in-law's review of a book called Eating the Dinosaur made me laugh.

Here is what the internet outage in Egypt looked like last week.

This totally random, detailed critique of the No Strings Attached movie poster (of all things) was funny and surprisingly thoughtful. And absolutely right.

That's all for today. Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Oh great. The last time you made movie/show recommendations (Emma) I got totally addicted. And then Bryan bought it for me for my birthday. Hopefully Olivia can entertain herself while I get addicted. I mean, have you ever steered me wrong before?


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