Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I hear that there are more snowstorms moving through the US. As someone who appreciates cold weather, I can't help but feel a little bit jealous. Especially when we are currently dealing with a blizzard's warmer, grittier cousin: a sandstorm. It's really the first major one we've had since we moved here, so I'm not about to complain.

But in some ways, I consider sand to be my personal nemesis. It gets everywhere. It's hard to clean up completely. It attacks you at the most awkward moments, like when you're at the beach and you've washed off your feet for the last time but somehow there's always one more stretch of sand to walk through that undoes all your efforts.

You sweep it away, and it comes back.

It can blow through your screen doors and windows.

It somehow manages to get tracked all through the house, no matter what kind of mat you put down at the front door.

Our patio was clean yesterday. Today, I took the girls out to clean it again because it looked like this:

Lucky for us, we have a squeegee. And you know what? I haven't carried out a good squeegee-ing since Jordan in 2007. It felt good to go native for a few minutes and squeegee the dickens out of the patio. Never mind that it's been half covered in sand again as I write this, two hours later.

By the way, I can't help but feel guilty for blogging about anything besides Egypt when things are still so tense there. It was the same way in November when Megan Smith passed away. I felt like a traitor every day I wrote about something else and pretended to have gotten over her death. So just know that I'm not "over" Egypt. I don't know how the situation there is going to get better, but I know the people will find a way, somehow. And my thoughts are still with them, even if my blog posts aren't.


Matthew said...

Do you have a cleaning lady?

Bridget said...

No. We have a cleaning MAN. And he's the one who squeegeed the patio the other day. I think everyone secretly enjoys squeegeeing because I see neighbors (or their cleaning ladies/men) cleaning their patios all the time even when there aren't sandstorms.

Susanne said...

My thoughts are with Egypt too. Even from the beach over the weekend, I tried to keep up. Thankfully I have a Syrian friend who gives me his take on things every day. Ha! I hope things will be resolved for the Egyptians soon and Mubarak will kindly leave the country and join Bin Ali. :)

Sorry about all the sand driving you crazy! Happy squeegeeing!

Lilianne said...

Sand is kind of like glitter! It never really goes away, does it? Good luck!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

After a days-long sandstorm in the Mojave desert our windowsills had little pyramids of fine sand on them. Our windows weren't as tight as we thought. And the fine layer of grit on every inside surface always made me irritable. How often do you have to put up with sandstorms??

Katie said...

I don't think I have any real comprehension/appreciation for what it would be like to live in the midst of a sandstorm. Because the thought to squeegee my patio has never crossed my mind. Not once.

In unrelated news, I like your updated profile picture. :)

Jeremy Palmer said...

I took her profile picture! I also squeegeed a bit the other day. There is something satisfying about it.

Nancy said...

I feel guilty blogging about anything else, too! It's like my mind has been kidnapped and taken to Tahrir!

I also feel your pain about the sand. :)

Matthew said...

Glad to hear that gender parity is making inroads. There are *very* few male housekeepers in Beirut.


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