Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th, outsourced

I enjoyed reading this article about pictograms almost as much as I enjoyed looking at the "How Long Do Animals Live?" graphic that accompanies it.

I'd seen some of these dumb warning labels before but a few were new and made me burst out laughing unexpectedly, perhaps spraying actual spittle on my computer screen in the process.

Is Target now cheaper than Wal-Mart? All those people who have been saying for years that they would give up shopping at Wal-Mart but it's just so cheap there now have to come up with a new excuse. (PS, please to be watching The High Cost of Low Price.)

This gallery of old cereal boxes was a blast from the past for me. As soon as I saw the ice cream cone cereal box, all these memories of a) begging my parents to buy us kids said cereal, and b) the actual, terrible texture and taste of said cereal, came rushing back. Did any of them ring a bell for you?

Finally, I'm glad someone has finally addressed that most disturbing element of rock/paper/scissors: why DOES paper beat rock??



Jennifer said...

Yes, Target is cheaper than Walmart to me.

I shopped at Walmart in Utah "because it was the cheapest place." Then we moved to SoCal and the nearest Walmart was quite a drive, but Target was super close. I got used to shopping there all the time. Then we moved to where we live now. Both Target and Walmart are close.

I was initially excited to get back in on the Walmart savings action, but was immediately disappointed. The prices on many of the products I've compared are the same price or within cents of each other.

For me, it is the shopping experience that sends me back to Target. Walmart's parking lot is always SO full, the aisles are always crowded, is it the lighting that just makes being inside seem like a more ghetto experience? And then don't get me started on how much easier it is to do returns at Target. The few times I've gone to Walmart, I leave irritated, whereas Target is a pleasant experience to me. So there. I shop at Target.

Bridget said...

AMEN, Jennifer. You said it so well!

Cait said...

I don't really go to either because both are kind of far away... but I did do some grocery shopping at both last year, and I was really impressed with Target's organic selection, both the variety and the prices. Target usually has good coupons for food too that you can print from their website and combine with manufacturer's coupons.

I'm really partial to Target also because Tim used to work there. And their clothes and households are really awesome.

Those cereal boxes made me gag a little. I HATE sugary cereal. Bleh.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The dollar store beats both but doesn't have the broad selection. We don't have a Wallmart near anyway. But that is about to change as wm announced this week it is opening up less than 2 miles from our house--I've lived my whole life without shopping there, but will it suddenly become indispensable? We"ll see.

Lyse said...

so you know all those images in the infographics article? Isotype?

ALL of those are on display at the V and A in London! I've seen those! So cool, huh?

Bridget said...

AWESOME. I am amazed that a person's mind can come up with something so beautiful and informative.


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