Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22, outsourced

From the Baby Name Wizard.
My favorite blog post of the year may very well be Bloggity Blog's roundup of Rexburg, Idaho baby names from 2010. (Let it be known that my SIL Sarah, who lives in Idaho Falls, hand-typed me the list and emailed it to me so I could laugh at the outtakes.) I would like to publicly state that the worst name on the list, in my opinion, is Tayzlee.

Prince William and Kate are getting married in a week. Meanwhile, a jelly bean resembling Kate has been found and, of course, put up for sale to the highest bidder. (You have to admit, it does look like her.)

I have a weird fondness for a good prank, as long as it's carried out without malice. This one made me laugh and laugh, and it was played on a telemarketer, so it's totally ok, right?

In case you were wondering, here is a table of the most common hymns found in mainline Protestant hymnals these days. Where is "Joseph Smith's First Prayer," I ASK YOU??? (Just kidding.)

This is what the wildfires in Texas look like. In other news, there are wildfires in Texas right now? I need to read US-based news sources more often instead of giggling at college campus modesty discussions in The National.

By Common Consent called this "the most interesting thing to happen in the Church Office Building in years." I cannot help but agree, and so will you after you watch the video.

I watched this video compiled by a dude taking pictures of the stars on a mountain in Spain and the thought that came to mind was, "There is a God." Amazing.


Jen said...

"Joseph Smith's First Prayer" might not be on there...but MANY churches have "Come, Come, Ye Saints."

I know, right?

They've changed several phrases ("far away in the west," for one), but about 90% of the words are there to our familiar tune.

Liz Johnson said...

Not kidding, one of my good friends (from Idaho!) has a daughter named Tamsyn.

Also, Chris' cousin (in Utah) named her baby Khloe.

And Lyrik is the most offensive to me. I think.

Were those base-jumpers legal? I almost had an anxiety attack watching them scale that fence.

Bridget said...

Jen, what?? I've never heard that before. Awesome.

I think Tamsen (spelled as such) is a legitimate name, but the 'y' throws me off.

I am absolutely positive those base jumpers were not legal.

Jen said...

Bridget, I've seen it in the hymnals of other churches with my own eyes. I couldn't believe it, either. That WW Phelps must've done a big ol' happy dance in heaven when he found out. =)

Re: base jumpers....our favorite part was definitely the hurry-quick-gather-your-parachute-and-hop-in-the-waiting-car moment.

Bridget said...

To add to the linktastic nature of this post, here is an article about the base jumpers.

Jen said...

...and if you follow the article trail, you find that one of the jumpers is named HARTMAN RECTOR.

how apropos for this post.

Kathy Haynie said...

My grandson Ender was almost born in Rexburg in 2010, and I suspect if he had been, he might have made your list. What can I say? He's a darling boy, but grandmas have so little influence these days...

I missed my Presbyterian favorite, "This is My Father's World" from the hymn list. I guess I'm out of date. I sing it while I'm driving in the car with my Mormon doctrinal update - "This is My Savior's World," and it fits quite nicely, thank you.

I really really love that last video of the stars. Thank you.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Draidyn & Riggin are right up top the dreadful list w/ Tayzlee. Tamsen is an old name; Tamsen Donner was in the ill-fated emigrant company in 1846. OK, so Idahoans have to have a 'y' in every name. Why??

Hartman Rector was a GA back in the 60s-70s-80s era; the base jumper has got to be his son or gr-son.

There's a place in Texas called Possum Lake? Mmmm.

sarah said...

I definitely vote for Riggin as the worst. I think the list was all of east idaho. It was printed in the Idaho Falls paper


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