Friday, April 08, 2011

April 8th, outsourced

For a little while I had a Weird Books feature going on this blog (see here, here, and here). But in the end, I didn't have enough material to work with. Enter Awful Library Books. A recent favorite: High School Guide to Commies.

Ariana pointed out in the comments of a recent post that an Egyptian man is making a movie about the sexual harassment that Egyptian women face in their own country. Just looking at the picture accompanying the article induced shivers of revulsion, and unfortunately, pangs of first-hand memories.

The Onion reports that the CIA's 'Facebook' program dramatically cut the agency's costs. Mwahahahahahahahaha.

I read this article about what to do when your pilot gets sucked out the plane window. There. are. no. words. I do, however, love that by the end of the article it was totally unclear whether or not the pilot survived (read the comments to find out).

I kind of really want to watch this new reality show about extreme couponing. Then again, I kind of don't.

OK, here's a doozy. Perhaps you have already seen the video where a UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace ranted about Asians talking on their cell phones in the library (among other issues she has with them). I don't know what horrifies me the most about that video: the vitriol spewing forth from her mouth, or the cleavage spewing forth from her tank top (ok ok, it's the vitriol). What I really want to say about this video is that it has spawned at least two really clever responses. This one is a song a guy wrote in response to the rant. It is cute, if a little too heavy on the mild sexual innuendo. This one, I LOVE. It's a "persona poem" - the guy is talking as if he were Alexandra Wallace (you must understand that before you watch the video). I swear I don't usually watch YouTube videos where someone just talks passionately into the camera. You may be tempted to turn this off in the first few seconds. Don't. Dude has some good things to say.


Liz Johnson said...

I seriously think the CIA would do so much better if everybody was required to add it as a friend on Facebook.

Amber said...

I had not heard about that UCLA video. I barely made it through, but I wanted a context for the response. That second response you linked to, the persona poem, is AMAZING! What a great medium to use to address the underlying issues, and definitely more effective than other potential responses. Thanks for posting it.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

That coupon article revealed a slice of life I didn't know existed. I couponed for decades before scaling back on that (because the Pac NW is now a coupon desert unless you have dogs or babies or buy prepared foods). But I never had windfalls as described in the article, nor was I obsessed to that degree. Maybe that's why I didn't have fabulous shopping trips where the store ended up owing me $$.


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