Monday, April 11, 2011


If I learned anything from watching (an edited version of!) 127 Hours, it's that you should always tell people when you're heading off into the wilds.

Well, we're heading off into the wilds, but only for one night.

Here's where we're going:
See you later!

(Bonus points if anyone can figure out where that is, just from the Google Earth snapshot.)


Kathy Haynie said...

This does NOT look like camping in Oregon...

Liz Johnson said...

Not to slaughter your analogy, but I'm pretty sure you couldn't get your arm caught in a boulder there even if you tried. All I see is sand and a bit of water. Please take a tent and/or sunscreen with you, and maybe a camel.

JosephJ said...

What you didn't tell us is that those dark parts are actually villages on the "shady" side of the sand dune. As if that's going to be any more temperate. A dune's a dune, right? (Bonus points for Joe! Found it, and I love camping).

Have fun on your outing.

Crys said...

Well apparently Joe knows where you are but if by chance you happen to get lost and I'm in charge you are going to have to knaw you hand off because I think you've gone camping on an elbow :)

BEN said...

That wasn't hard you just zoom in around where you are living and get that picture...It looks pretty cool, what is making those ridges? The closest city looks like Mezairaa.


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