Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I no longer hate most of my clothes

Remember when I hated most of my clothes? Well, here's an update.

It took almost two months, but I finally went shopping at a little place I like to call "the largest mall in the world." Because it is. It's called the Dubai Mall.

(By the way, sometimes I think living in Dubai is wasted on someone like me who doesn't like shopping. I can only imagine what a HEAVEN this place would be to someone who enjoys it.)

H&M and I have made up re: their return policy, so I went there. I also hit up GAP and Zara. Baby steps, ok?

I got two plain, colored t-shirts. I am sucker for these. Sometimes you just want to wear a t-shirt, ok?

I got another plain, colored t-shirt, but it has a fancier neckline and fancier sleeves, and it was beyond cheap.

I also got this short-sleeved, button-up shirt. When Jeremy saw it, he said something like, "oh, it looks like every other shirt you own." He is correct. But it was cute enough, and it technically does not look exactly like every other shirt I own, so. Also, it is more fitted than some of my other shirts, which is nice, because it keeps the (ABSOLUTELY FALSE) pregnancy rumors at bay.

I got a simple blouse with detailed sleeves, which seem to be all the rage these days, at least around here. I just hope we don't ever make the leap (back) to shoulder pads. It's a slippery slope.

My very very favorite purchase was this one, from H&M. My heart practically melted as soon as I put it on. This shirt was made for me - slightly grandma-y fabric print, form-skimming cut, cute button details, and ever-so-slight puff sleeves. Sigh.

The best part about all of the shirts (save one) that I got, is that none of them require an undershirt. I love me a good Wondertee for times when your shirt offers insufficient coverage, but wearing my Mormon underwear shirt, then an undershirt, then a shirt shirt was getting old, and hot.

Now, the pants. Pants are so hard to find, and there are approximately a bazillion different styles/sizes/lengths/washes to choose from, which makes it even more of a chore. So far, I've only found one pair. They are straight-leg. Does that make them skinny jeans? I am unsure. But I like them. A lot. I believe this is the first time I've worn anything other than bootcut jeans since about fourth grade, and back then even my straight-leg jeans had florescent pink zippers running up the back cuff. These new ones do not, you'll be happy to know (I am wearing them in this picture from yesterday's post).

I think I'm done shopping for now, unless I find another pair of pants I really like. Thanks for the encouragement and advice!


Matthew said...

I am a great fan of the solid color t-shirt. Wear them with pride!

Also, beware the skinny jeans. You will want bootcut so you will be prepared for when the triple-layer rolled socks come back in fashion, which should be any day now.

peter pan said...

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Liz Johnson said...

Awesome. I love your shirts, and they aren't grandma-y (HA). And I think straight-legged jeans are separate from skinny jeans... but what do I know. I still wear bootcut. :)

Amanda said...

Ever since moving to Arizona, that is pretty much my #1 requirement for new clothes: does not require an undershirt. I have many many shirts left over from California that require one, and I hate them in the Summer.

Nice haul. I have to go spend some of the money I got for graduation on new clothes and I'm kind of dreading it.

Jennifer said...

Good work! The shirts look great. Hooray for no undershirt! Are you going to get rid of any of your old ones?

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I'm glad you were successful in your shopping--I like what you displayed! It is tough for those of us who want to dress modestly to find conservative warm-weather clothing. The main problems are: no sleeves, plunging necklines, or sheer fabric.

Crys said...

Nice haul. So I guess they weren't skinny jeans but they still look nice and hip. Good job!

Lisa Lou said...

Hooray hooray for H&M! That was the favorite place to go as missionaries. AND they are building one HERE IN UTAH in the fall!!!

also, I have some straight-leg jeans that look super frumpy. I think I bought them maybe 5-ish years ago... it's like they were trying to be skinny jeans, but hadn't quite made it yet. I think the straight-leg jeans now are much better.

sarah said...

very nice! good work! and the pants look great! i dont think they are quite skinny jeans unless they look more like leggings :) so you should be safe!


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