Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes, exercising willpower can backfire

The goals I outlined in my Time to Shape Up post are going very well. Just as it was liberating to get rid of almost everything we owned, and liberating to give up candy for the year, it has been liberating to finally decide to not eat junk food of any kind (except for on Fridays). I am now completely immune to the vast displays of candy, cookies, chocolate, and chips at Carrefour.

However, I've been punished for exercising willpower twice since starting this experiment.

The first Friday I was allowed to eat junk food, I ate half of a Ben & Jerry's carton (the small one, ok? It was 500mL, whatever that works out to) of Half Baked. I know that is technically approximately 17 servings since the serving size is about a teaspoon, but can we all agree it was an exercise in willpower to a) not eat any ice cream the entire week preceding Friday, and b) not eat the entire carton once I was allowed? Thanks.

So I was saving that other half of the carton for the next Friday, and looking forward to it and thinking about it aaaaaaalllllllll week. Somewhere around Wednesday, Jeremy got a hankering for some ice cream and I may have given grudging permission for him to eat the substantial remnants of my Half Baked. We could just buy more before Friday, right? RIGHT??

It was not to be. Thursday night came around - the time we get ready for our Sabbath on Friday - and the co-op was fresh out of Half Baked. Friday was a sad, sad day, filled with the memory of what could have been.

The other misfire of willpower came when my BIL Scott visited and brought a container of Trader Joe's treats - chocolate hazelnut biscotti, to be specific.

I ate exactly three pieces of this delicious chocolate biscotti on Friday and then tucked the container away to be saved for the next week (and maybe the next and the next). Today (Wednesday), Magdalena came running into the living room with my precious chocolate biscotti, and all that is left are crumbs.
I believe she distributed it among the neighborhood children while playing. I hope their palates were really discerning and that they enjoyed it.

Sigh. Guess I should have eaten the entire container when I had the chance.


Liz Johnson said...

The biscotti makes me sad, but you let Jeremy eat your B&J?!? You must reeeeally love him.

Jennifer said...

SO sad!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Yeah, you shoulda.

Kathy Haynie said...

Hahaha - when I read the title (at a glance), I thought I would be reading about all the exercising you are doing these days... :)


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