Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Censoring @ H&M?

First, here's a video I forgot to put in to yesterday's post about Jeremy's birthday. It's a song and interview with Miriam and Magdalena about Dad. Nothing spectacularly cute or hilarious happened, but it's worth a viewing.

Now then. I was at H&M yesterday and noticed for NOT the first time that the models in the posters around the store are always wearing these mysterious white bodysuit cover-up things. I finally worked up the courage to snap a clandestine photo or two. Take a look:

What do you think? Is the lady in the lower picture, farthest left poster really wearing a pink cover-up over a bikini over a white bodysuit? Is the lady in the yellow striped dress showing off her beautifully covered up leg?

Or is this some UAE flesh sensitivity as implemented by the local managers of H&M by means of Photoshop?


Kathy Haynie said...

I read something about this a while ago. (I could have sworn it was on your blog, but evidently not.) Wherever I read it, yes, it was about keeping the photos modest. Do you see this in any other stores? Billboards?

Tia said...

I went to H&M last week, and the model with the yellow dress is definitely not wearing anything underneath. Abigail and Tatyana pointed out the picture to me. So it must just be in the UAE. To bad that don't have the same sense of modesty here/

Bridget said...

Kathy, I've seen it before on locally ripped-off music album covers, but I don't think I've blogged about a multinational clothing corporation doing it...have I?

Tia, thanks for solving the mystery. I had almost convinced myself that there really were tight white bodysuits for sale at H&M.

Liz Johnson said...

Ok, that is fascinating. I actually think most of them look better with the bodysuit... and maybe H&M would do well to actually sell those bodysuits at the H&M in Dubai (and elsewhere).

SO INTERESTING! Thank you for showing this!

Abby said...

I guess there's something to be said for going the pro route and using Photoshop. Here in Saudi Arabia most of the stores just use a black sharpie marker to color out the offending skin. (It's way less effective though)

sarah said...

I actually read an article about that too, that they censor those in some foreign countries. Though the white undershirts just makes it look like what girls would do in Idaho or Utah

Susanne said...

I agree that it's classier than the black marker scribbling out naked flesh and pigs.


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