Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th, outsourced

I wonder if a single week of Outsourced has gone by in which I don't link to something from The Atlantic. This week's nod: Who Invented the Oreo?

This issue is peripheral to the conflict in Syria at large (I cannot believe I just had to write "conflict in Syria"), but it's worth reading. The Syrian Twitter/FB/Blogosphere was all up in arms this week when it was revealed that Gay Girl in Damascus was actually Straight Guy in Scotland.

If you ever get to feeling like you don't like your job, or that you have to do too many difficult, dangerous things in the line of work duty, watch this video and be cured of those sentiments. FOREVER.

Sometimes little hotbeds of Mormondom spring up organically in places outside of the Mormon Corridor - Boston, New York City, or even Ithaca. There is one such community in Washington, DC, and the story of the neighbor's confusion was amusing to me. Though the "dressed pretty skanky at Halloween" line gave me pause.

I loved this Wordplay Wednesday from Ken Jennings. It was the perfect blend of challenging and yet eminently solvable that is hard to find sometimes.

Learn from this lady's Craigslist mistake: If your Craigslist ad says everything is free, don't be shocked when people start stealing your stuff.

Have you ever wanted to see a dude put an iPad in a blender, just to see what happens? That is some expensive dust he ends up with at the end.


Susanne said...

Jon Stewart's talk about the "gay girl" who really wasn't in Damascus was amusing especially since there was another supposedly gay woman who was actually a man! What's up with men posing as gay women on the internet? Samer said, "Ah, now I know why you were suspicious of me when we first met. You didn't know if I were for real."

Exactly. I knew in America we had some weirdos who liked to pose as people they were not. So I wondered at first if he were some Methodist guy in Virginia playing tricks on me. Especially when he asked if I had a southern accent. Huh? An Arab knows about southern accents? Apparently this one did!

Thanks for the post. The Mormon neighborhood one was cute.

Jeremy Palmer said...

This post is great, but does it blend?

Jill said...

Ha, I saw that Jon Stewart too. It was funny.

Bridget, I linked you on my blog post today-I hope that is ok.

Matthew said...

No, it does not blend, it contrasts. Like a McFlurry ;)

As far as the Mormon Halloween thing, it does seem a bit odd, but I have noticed the evolution of Halloween into a much more sexualized holiday. Now, all the costumes are sexy police/zombies/waitresses/whatever.

I smiled the first time I heard modern Halloween described as gay pride marches for straight people. I think there is some truth to that, but I find it surprising that the meme would have been adopted in this way.

Liz Johnson said...

I really love Oreos. Om nom nom.


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