Monday, June 27, 2011

A party!

Poor Jeremy. His birthday is June 28th. The last time we celebrated his birthday at home, in normal, non-travel surroundings, was 2003. ISH. I'm not even sure about that. It might have been more like 2001, which would mean that Jeremy has been shortchanged on the birthday celebrations during the entirety of our marriage.

I mean, we always celebrate it, but sometimes "celebrate" means "order ice cream sundaes from McDonald's and have them delivered to our door," as we did last year in Cairo.

This year, with our Summer at Home going on, we decided to have an actual party (yesterday). Behold, the extent of my party decorating skills:
I know, let the fun begin, right?

(ALTHOUGH. One really exciting thing about having a party at our house was that it prompted us to finally hang up some pictures. The beauty you see behind the party table is an IKEA special. I like to pretend that there is a window on that wall, and that is the view we see outside of it. Sigh.)

In my defense, I acquired a bunch of balloons and planned to blow them up, but they were so tough that I could only manage two. They floated around the party lamely until someone took pity on them and managed to blow up some more to keep them company.

As an introvert, I experienced a lot of anxiety leading up to the party regarding my role as its planner. I don't know how an extrovert thinks, so I had trouble figuring out how spaces, snack layouts, activities, and seating areas should flow. I ended up just doing whatever (as in, it's possible that some snack items were presented unceremoniously in mixing bowls. The horror! I didn't think to bust out my fancy silver tray, dangit!) and I think it worked out fine. We designated a 10-year-old as the Fun Manager and she ran a rocking, never-ending game of Star Singer or whatever it's called, so that was brilliant. Another friend brought along some henna, and by the end of the party, every kid in the house was henna'd - along with a few adults, too.

After everyone left and I had a chance to calm down and assess how things went, I realized I had a lot of chips and snacks still left in the kitchen that I should have been more vigilant about refilling empty (mixing) bowls with. Oh well.

I'm glad Jeremy got a proper birthday party for once, and with friends like ours, who are willing to overlook some inept hostessing, I think we could manage to do this every year.

Happy 35th, Jeremy!


Mr. Anderson said...

We had a blast, the girls are still talking about it, and the hosting was perfect. Thanks!

Liz Johnson said...

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!

I'm impressed by your efforts. My husband is a serious introvert, and I like to think that a party would be more anxiety-causing than fun for him, so I have yet to attempt anything like this. That said, I HATE planning parties and/or hostessing them. I love going... hate having them. I am terrible at all of the little details and at making sure everything runs smoothly. I still have not thrown a "proper" birthday party for my kids with friends, simply because I'm terrified to do it.

And I just realized that Nathan's birthday is in 2.5 weeks and I hadn't even thought of what on earth we're going to do for it. Ugh. The stress! It's already getting to me.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Yay for a successful party that didn't cause misery and totally consume your life!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Our family is like Liz's. My husband would despise a party given in his honor (so we celebrated his 60th with family only), and I tend not to give parties because I'm self-conscious that I don't have the right equipment, don't know how to decorate (and don't care to know), and forget important details.

Informal spur-of-the-moment gatherings work ok for me.

Susanne said...

Happy birthday! I like your decorations. :)

Crys said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy! Loving the picture behind the table!!!!!

sarah said...

I like the picture too! I thought it might have been one of yours from New York. The party looked great! Seems like when you get that many people together they will figure out what to do pretty well by themselves without too much guiding. Or I'd hope so. Wish I could have been there for the festivities! One of these years..


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