Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been on Google Plus for a little over a week now, but it's only in the last few days that I, ahem, figured out how to get to the actual Google Plus page. It took me a while.

Now that I'm there, and figuring things out, I've decided I really like how Google Plus works. It's clean and unsophisticated. I like how it's integrated with Picasa and all the other Google tools that infiltrate my life I use, though it was alarming to have my Picasa Web Album of last year's yard sale thrown up there by default. I think my first act on Google Plus was to make that particular album invisible. Anyway, Google Plus is also great because it corrects Facebook's near-fatal flaw in that it is very easy to know exactly which people you're sharing news/pictures/videos with.

Right now, Google Plus' fatal flaw is that hardly anyone is on it. As my BIL Scott put it, it won't be until a certain critical mass migrates to Google Plus that I will be tempted to delete my Facebook account forever.

But yes, I am tempted, if for no other reason than because exiting Facebook and starting anew with Google Plus gives me a graceful exit from awkward FB friendships I'm too nice to end decisively. In the three years I've been on Facebook, I think I've un-friended exactly one person. Anyone else, I think I'll get around to it someday but then what if they ever find out I did it and what's the harm of just leaving the friendship and oh well I'll just block their status updates. (Unlike Jeremy, who is so ruthless about pruning his FB friends that my own mother went onto the chopping block once. Don't worry, she was rescued.)

Which brings me to a gray area of Google Plus, and a question. On Google Plus, you organize your people into "circles," and you can create and name your own custom circles (Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Palmers, etc.). So theoretically, I could have a circle called "people who only ever see me smile even as I secretly hate them." My question is, they can't see that title, right? For all its transparency, that's something about Google Plus that is not clear to me.

What have you discovered about Google Plus? What am I totally missing? Will Google Plus ever woo you away from Facebook?


shabba shabba said...

I think you hit the high points: greater control of who sees your posts and, hopefully, cleaner "walls." I've found Google + also taking the place of emails in some instances; instead of sending an "oh here's an interesting article email," I can just "post" it to Google + for one person, or a small group, which is nice for people like me who hate overflowing and disorganized email inboxes. I'm sort of excited to try the "hang out" feature too, which, although sort of stupidly named, could be valuable for remote study group or work group meetings, or simply to video chat in the mold of Gmail's video chats or Skype.

Liz Johnson said...

Hmm. I have a Google+ invite sitting in my inbox, but I hesitate to sign up for ONE MORE THING. I am already sick of facebook, and I never did do the Google Buzz/Wave things (I disabled them, actually), so... eh? Maybe I'll hop on after everybody else does? Or maybe I'll turn into a hermit.

Sarah Familia said...

I'm pretty much in complete agreement with you about Google+. MY favorite thing about it is that (so far) there are no games/apps/stupid polls/clutter of events I have not interest in attending, etc.

Susanne said...

I was thinking of Google + when I was dusting today so your post is timely. I have been invited, but not signed up for the same reason Liz stated. It's nice to read your thoughts about its pros and cons.

Funny about Jeremy deleting your mom on FB that one time. :)

Cobb Family said...

So yes, I read your blog. I find you so witty!! I wish I had not been so pregnant and then had such new babies most of the time you lived here. . . I didn't get out much!! Anyway, now that you know I blog stalk you, I also added you to my google plus circles. I don't think I see which circle you put me in, so go ahead and go with your gut! FYI - Josh, my husband, he has his own circle. It's fun.

Glenda The Good said...

Oh yes I love the idea of a people you smile at while secretly hating group. I was at the pool today with two of my new "friends", sounds weird to refer to people I don't know that well that way. The one who is my fav (the one who admited she watches Gray's Anatomy and Rookie Blue...just made her more real for me) was telling me about another girl in the ward/neighborhood who is totally amazing...making money off her food blog, works full time in the morning before her kids get up, is a great stay at home mom to four really great/advanced/overachieving kids, and up until three months ago the primary president, and I laughed and said, "So what you are saying is if I want to feel good about myself, not to ask G what she is up to." So I guess I'd have a group called, "People who make me feel totally inferior" which of course I'd put you in :)

Bridget said...

Shabba, I totally forgot about the hanging out thing. We are hardly ever online at the same time as our families (10/11-hour time differences) but I think that would be so fun!

Liz, I'm hoping that eventually it will be Google+ instead of FB, to cut down on the "one more thing" factor.

Miss Jennie Cobb, you are welcome anytime. I think we were both in a bit of a baby haze during those times, except yours was twice as thick...

Susanne said...

Bridget, I just saw this when I was clicking on someone to add to a circle for the first time. Note the second one.

What happens when you add someone to a circle?

* You can share with them and see what they're sharing with you.

* They'll be notified and can add you to their own circles, but they'll never see the names of the circles you've added them to.

* They'll appear on your public profile.


So I guess you can confidently (fingers crossed) make up a circle such as you were thinking. :)

Liz Johnson said...

Alright, I'm in. I guess this has the potential to replace twitter in addition to facebook, no?


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