Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th, outsourced

Running while pushing a jogging stroller can sometimes turn into mini squat sessions. So true.

What is going to stir up controversy now that Harry Potter is over??

I think this person writing in to Consumerist about employees always putting her shopping cart away is doing it wrong. Do people really abandon their cart to gallivant around the store? If they do, is that proper supermarket behavior?

I took immense satisfaction in watching this video of Buzz Aldrin punching a jerk in the face. I also took satisfaction in reading this humor column about Buzz Aldrin.

You guys, from now on it's the people who aren't obsessed with baby names who are the weird ones, ok? Just read this and see how dang interesting baby names can be!

Literally the first piece of news I learned upon coming home from the wilds of Oman and checking the internets was that Netflix raised their prices in a shameful manner. If we had Netflix, I would be upset, too. My friend Jen put it into perspective, and reminded me how much I like to giggle at First World Problems.

I loved the closing of this article about the fake vaccination program the CIA set up in Abottabad:
"Governments routinely use sneaky tactics to achieve their goals. To me, the interesting story is this: Everyone in the world knows how much health-care matters. Seriously, even evil terrorist masterminds know it's important to vaccinate their kids. Just think what we can do with that, if we use it the right way."
The invention of the air conditioner changed America. I know that in the UAE, before there was AC, people just soaked themselves in the Gulf multiple times a day/night and then slept on the roof to take advantage of any breezes.


Sarah Familia said...

When we were in the Philippines, we visited Baguio, the "Summer Capitol." Before air conditioning, the entire government (foreign embassies and all) would pack up and move to the mountains for the summer.

Jen said...

Bridget, I could write an entire BLOG about shopping carts. The consumerist lady is Whack-a-doodle. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was from the comments section:

"It's a shopping cart, not an aircraft carrier to deploy long-range missions to the dairy case from."

BAHHHHH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! I couldn't agree more.

(Thanks for the shout-out, too.) =)

Kathy Haynie said...

Yay! Anna's play is going to be made into a movie!!

robin said...

now that we live in southern florida, i believe that it wasn't meant to be inhabited. i think god made it this way for a reason. but air conditioning came along and ruined his plan.

and like always, i love your friday posts. especially the first-world problems bit. josh and i were laughing today at our first-world problems...


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