Friday, July 01, 2011

July 1st, outsourced

So apparently Cars 2 is not so appropriate for very young children. Also, the Cars 2 universe can really get you thinking.

This casting call for extras (on Portlandia) is the funniest announcement of its kind that I've ever read.

Inside an eating disorder treatment facility.

I heard about this site from two different sources within two hours of each other. For good reason, too - Dear Photograph is poignantly awesome.

This takedown of a recent Newsweek cover (no, not the Mormon one, which I thought was fine, by the way) is SO RIGHT. What was Newsweek thinking??

My friend Liz linked to this article on Twitter, and I was so happy to read it. I cannot let go of that Oxford comma, the one that sets apart the final item in a series. When it's omitted, my mind stumbles over the sentence without fail. So hooray for this article defending it.

Finally, I leave you with a strangely beautiful (and negative, duh) review of Transformers 3.


Susanne said...

"Two men have just been created by that comma out of whole cloth. Boom! We've created life!"

Ha! That was an interesting article. My grammar teacher always taught us a comma took the place of "and" so I felt the Oxford comma (which I didn't know that was its name until now) was redundant. But I don't mind it...I'd even wondered why some used it.

What I see more of nowadays is people saying "Thanks Bridget" for example. I know I was taught you always use a comma when you were addressing people. I think my grammar teacher didn't know what she was talking about!

I like the photograph thing...not the Newsweek cover (Diana 50 today!), but the numerous pictures.

I wonder if anyone actually liked Cars 2. I saw a few FB people saying they wanted to go and thought to ask how they liked it. After reading Liz's post a few days ago, I was very curious if others would have a similar reaction.

Thanks for the links!

Liz Johnson said...

Ok, that article on the Cars 2 universe has me majorly creeped out. Good points made. Also, I didn't even realize that George Carlin did Fillmore's voice. And that's Connor's favorite character! Win.

Thanks for the link. I am still rather torqued (ha!) about the Cars 2 thing.

I am delighted, relieved, and proud to know that others feel the same way about the Oxford comma. I am disturbed whenever it is left out.

Merkley Jiating said...

DANG IT! I was going to take Alex on a date to Cars 2 this weekend. Maybe we'll just rent the original. Lame.

Kathy Haynie said...

Guilty secret: I'm an English teacher, but I don't know the names of things like the Oxford comma. Apparently I had an AP-style teacher when I was in high school. It always bugged me to leave out that last comma. I wanted it. What a relief to be a big girl and learn that I could use it. Hooray for the Oxford comma!

Eevi said...

At least once a week, I read something interesting and outside of my regular blog lists when I read your outsourced post.

That was a good article of eating disorders.

And I won't be letting Saku watch Cars 2 until I have checked it out myself.

Jennifer said...

Who knew things like certain commas had names? I also really like my Oxford commas. :) The photograph page was cool. I kind of want to try it now...


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