Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22nd, outsourced

First, a look at Harry, Ron, Draco, and Neville through the ages, via the actors who played them in the movies. Neville certainly grew out of an extremely long awkward stage, didn't he? [GFY]

Here's an infographic about the Harry Potter movies, though despite all the talk about huge box office grosses, I swear I read somewhere that the films didn't actually make any money. However, I can't find that article so we'll have to pretend I never said that, which is nice because I remember thinking how ridiculous that was. [Graphjam]

Lots of books and their movies have been deemed to be The Next Harry Potter, but have any of them really panned out? [The Atlantic]

Holy amazing synchronized swimming photos, Batman! Besides being interesting to look at, these photos alerted me to the fact that there is apparently a solo component of synchronized swimming (see photo 8). [The Atlantic]

This is a looooong but worthy read about the man who was wrongly accused of carrying out the post-9/11 anthrax attacks. It's so sad that what happened to him is even possible. [The Atlantic]

The most obtuse newspaper correction ever. There's kind of a big difference between those two, guys. [via By Common Consent]

Crossing a street in Vietnam. This was totally familiar to me. It was like Egypt, but with cute scooters. [Can't remember where I saw this, sorry.]

A hard look at gentrification. Interesting. [The Atlantic]

This might only be of interest to you if you're Mormon, but what if our meetings progressed in a different order? I vaguely remember having Sacrament Meeting last when I was a kid. My favorite part of that post, however, was the comments. Comment 23 was a total facepalm, and then comment 34 made me burst out laughing. I love it when intelligent people disagree in a humorous manner (that happens a lot at By Common Consent, by the way). [By Common Consent]


Susanne said...

At least #23 apologized later. Seems he realized he made some people angry! :) It was funny to see Mormons calling each other bitches. Or I assumed that was the thing they were trying to say with the asterisks.

I love the swimming photos! Thanks for sharing!

Susanne said...

Looked again and it seemed only ONE person used that word and then asked if it were permissible. Haha...even better! Humorous disagreeing, as you said. And I love how a quest for Cheerwine made the thread!

Liz Johnson said...

I kind of wonder if that synchronized swimming photographer was ever kicked in the head accidentally. Also, I wonder how long he stays under water! Those are too fascinating.

GST has some of the best comments in the whole world on BCC. I freaking love reading what he/she has to say.

Katie said...

Hahaha! Bryan and I had a pretty good laugh at all those Harry Potter boys growing up photos. Mostly it made me very very glad that I'm not famous and, therefore, don't have my pictures from middle school plastered all over the web. Also, Nevil definitely came out on top so far as looks go. Which is funny. And totally deserving, I think.

P.S. Synchronized swimming--who knew that was still a thing? Cool pictures.

Glenda The Good said...

The swim pics were awesome. Ezra said, "Wow, I thought Jesus was the only one who could walk on water." And the Harry Potter pictures, isn't it amazing what straight teeth will do. I wouldn't be surprised if this alone is enough to spur the British nation to follow us into every kid in junior high in braces :) As for sacrament meeting I'd like to say that it is an unequivocal fact that church is not set up for alone is the reason we subject them and us to that torture :)


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