Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29th, outsourced

Outsourced Friday is heavy on the videos today.

From Jimmy Kimmel, we have an awkward CNN Headline News segue, and, well, Bear Grylls. [YouTube]

Everything is funnier when you speak in a British accent, even a walk around a Wal*Mart. [YouTube, via The Consumerist]

David Eagleman wrote a book about the brain and almost broke Stephen Colbert's during an interview. [via The Atlantic's Twitter feed]

Also from The Colbert Report is a (PG for language) piece about how the news media assumed the Norwegian attacks were carried out by a Muslim. So funny, it stings. [via AymanM's Twitter feed]

There's no way to put this delicately: behold, The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's hair. [YouTube]

Somebody created a fake movie trailer for HP6 as if it were a romantic comedy. I love the result, though really, you don't have to try too hard to make HP6 a romantic comedy. [YouTube, via Anna Ray]

In non-video awesomeness are these pictures of the Tour de France. [The Atlantic]

Google deleted a man's gmail and blogger accounts with no explanation. This freaked me right the heck out and I re-backed up all my Google stuff immediately (I learned my lesson two years ago). [The Consumerist]

These realistically recreated children's drawings disturb me almost as much as they entertain me. [BuzzFeed, can't remember how I found it, sorry]

Which Arabic dialect should Harry Potter speak? I loved this article for how well it illustrated the fact that Arabic is actually a dozen different languages, not one, and I will be jumping at the chance to share it with people any chance I get. [WSJ, via Jeremy Palmer]

Finally, we have 17 truly awful bathroom fails. I have been in one of those bathrooms where the stall doors have been bolted on too high (Ft. Stevens campground on the Oregon coast, FYI) and it is NOT pretty. [Huffington Post, via Anna Ray]


Merkley Jiating said...

I edited my post to include the UAE. I also realized I forgot Washington. How would the Harkers feel?! I wonder where else I forgot.

So my favorites today... Colbert Report about saying the attacks were carried out by a Muslim. Absolutely ridiculous and he made fun of it so well.

Also, the HP fake movie trailer. That was perfect.

Picture 3 of the tour is gross. His legs are beat! I saw video of him being hit by the car but I didn't see the barbed wire fence. Nasty. I don't even want to talk about picture 14. Picture 31 is awesome. I love that there was a camera there to capture him punching someone.

How do you back up your blog? That would be devastating to lose.

Nemesis said...

Have to say it, I love your Friday posts. There is always something to delight. :-)

Liz Johnson said...

Dude. How DO you back up your google stuff???

Bridget said...

Data Liberation Front!

Liz Johnson said...

Also, that toilet watching all of the sinks made me laugh out loud. HA!

And those kids drawings reminded me of the time that my friend was asked to draw something by her son, and later her (artist) husband fleshed it out. See HERE.

Stephen Colbert is kind of my hero. I can see how he (and Jon Stewart) occasionally take it too far, but they are usually so on point with their comical satire that it's simultaneously hilarious and slightly terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I laughed really hard at the toilet fails.


Jeremy Palmer said...

The toilet fails are awesome. So is Nick's hair. I would not be able to get the job done in that bathroom with the line of toilets facing the urinals. I couldn't use a urinal with someone staring at me from behind and I certainly couldn't sit down without 360 protection. Bring your own duck blind I guess.


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