Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mall oddities

Happy Hyper Panda at Festival City has its Ramadan offers going full throttle already. One look at the stacks of those sheets of Qamar al-Din apricot leather sent me into full nostalgia mode for Ramadan in Damascus.

Also at Festival City, I did a double/triple/possibly quadruple take at this Cat in Boots movie poster. Cat in Boots? Isn't it Puss in Boots? (Yes.) I would suggest that we explore why it is called Cat in Boots here, but that is a road that we perhaps do not want to travel down for too long.

Does your mall have mannequins dressed up in full, sparkle-adorned bushiyya? Mine does.

Festival City also had a random acrobat show going on last time we were there. Here's the deal. I don't know if I've complained about it before on this blog, but the stores here never have sales. Ever. But it turns out they do have sales, exactly once a year: during the end of June and the entire month of July. It's not exactly an incentive to stay in the UAE for the summer (well, maybe it is), but it is a bonus for those of us who hang around. If you ever move to Dubai, try to arrive in July so you can buy all your furniture at fabulous "Dubai Summer Surprises" (that's what the emirate-wide sale festival is called) prices.

Anyway, as part of DSS, the malls (which serve as community centers in a way) also have lots of free shows and activities going on. The acrobat show was one of those. Each week there is something new. I think it's nice.

Also today, I saw my first car accident in the UAE happen right before my eyes. It was in a traffic circle - I know, big surprise, right? A car in an outer lane did not exit, while a car in an inner lane did. They collided. It wasn't high-speed so it wasn't a horrific accident, but it was unnerving to witness. Good thing I just drove on my merry way - I've heard that you are not supposed to stop when you've witnessed a traffic accident because you can end up being cited. For what, I have no idea, but I already have a healthy fear of the shurta (police) so I'm not keen on finding out first-hand.


JosephJ said...

I like apricot fruit leather, too.

Here, I've noticed that towns hit the summer theme pretty hard, since we've only really got 6 weeks of it. Every town does a huge 4th of July to kick off summer (since school only lets out a week or two prior), then there are concerts on the common or field days at many nearby towns through August. Flocks of people rush the beaches (I don't know why, because the north Atlantic has similar water temperatures to Anchorage, AK!) I guess it's to combat those few days where the humid air is over 90 deg.

Then we put our jackets back on. :)

Sounds like UAE throws a similar party, but instead of on the town common, they find an indoor venue.

New Construction Homes Tucson said...

Haven't seen a mall that offers Ramadan products. Cool!


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