Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer so far

Here's how summer is going down so far for the Palmers in Sharjah.

You know, just hitting up the Children's Discovery Centre (quirky British spelling theirs) for some quality climbing through a model of the heart. The best part is that Sharjah's museums are free for the month of July, and for some reason that includes this place. That was great, unexpected news.

Miriam lost her second tooth. It took Jeremy and me an hour to convince her to let us pull it out. It was hanging on by a whisper. I didn't even have to yank on the string - it came out as soon as I tied it. And I know this picture is gross. You're welcome.

We got some more plants at the plant souq. Jeremy set out to dig a hole to plant one of them and he hit a sprinkler pipe on his first strike. Water was EVERYWHERE. Our back yard got flooded and then it leaked all the way down the lane between the villas. The girls ran through it barefoot for a long time. It was almost as if it had (gasp!) rained.

I made "summer charts" for both of the girls where they could earn check marks for doing good things. Miriam eventually earned this easel, and then paper, paint, and paintbrushes to go along with it. This was one of her first works of art.

Finally, there's hanging out at Al Qasba. It's a canal/waterfront park in downtown Sharjah. The girls ran in the water fountains and then rode the ferris wheel (Eye of the Emirates) like nobody's business.

So that's summer in Sharjah, so far.


Sarah Familia said...

I love Miriam's picture. It looks like she might have been thinking about rain too.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Al Qasba is a wonderful family place with the best ferris wheel ever. Cheers to a fun rest of summer.

Liz Johnson said...

ACK! I shudder at the whole losing teeth thing. Ugh... I have no stomach for that. I would rather deal with a gaping head wound.

Jen said...

I, too, fear the Tooth Losing Stage. I don't have the gumption.

Also? While we're on the subject of rain.....how often DOES it rain in Sharjah?


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