Friday, July 08, 2011

July 8th, outsourced

There are a lot of links to share today. Let's get started.

There's something called the Wilhelm Scream that gets used a lot in all kinds of movies. Here is a compilation of many Wilhelm Screams. (The video is slightly but not terribly violent, but duh, people are screaming, so.)

It looks like maybe those of you in the US won't have to deal with those sickly yellow street lights for forever. However, I seem to recall a city in Britain using them to specifically discourage youth from hanging out at night (because it makes your features so garish), so maybe they did have a purpose.

I've always wondered why Europeans insist on wearing their skimpy swimming trunks even outside the confines of Europe. Turns out, maybe they just don't feel like buying another swimsuit when the one they have complies with the rules in their home country's swimming pools.

I am absolutely behind this theory that the Duchess of Cambridge wore a sailor dress on her visit to Prince Edward Island as an homage to Anne of Green Gables.

This was an interesting article, but in the end I couldn't get past the thought of a $232.64 monthly cable bill. Even if it does include internet. Yikes.

So, is it a new flavor, or an original recipe? Which is it? I feel the same way when I see food packaging stamped with "New & Improved!" It can't be both, people.

Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea have opted to take Paramount Pictures up on their offer to market the movie Captain America as The First Avenger instead. To avoid anti-American sentiment, you know.

I laughed at this compilation of the horrible lessons we learn from Disney movies. But I keep thinking that I watched all those movies as a kid and I turned out just fine, right?

Have you ever wondered how to say, "If we cannot trust a man, move your head to the right, unnoticed, until we note your signal" in Russian? Wonder no more. Also: "You certainly read our leaflets!" and "Should the enemy spies or informers be liquidated?"

Finally, if I am reading this correctly - and I think that I am - the state with the overall lowest rate of obesity today (Colorado), would have been the fattest state in the nation in 1995. Woah.


Amanda said...

When I watched The Little Mermaid as an adult, I was a little bit horrified. That doesn't mean that I don't let Lillian watch it, because I watched it umteen times when I was a kid, and I turned out OK. But, every time we get to the part when she's arguing with her dad and she says, "You don't even know him!" I yell back at her, "Neither do you!"

Katie said...

I love the reference to Anne of Green Gables!

JosephJ said...

I'm pretty sure what they don't mean that Colorado shot from the fattest to the leaneset state since 1995... but rather that our leanest state today still has more obesity than the fattest state in 1995. This is alarming, because it speaks to the entire nation gaining weight.

And yes, I think there must be something wrong with 262 for Cable. Thus my love for streamed programming.

Bridget said...

Yeah, that's what I mean - that with the same data, applied to 1995, 20% (or whatever the exact number was) would have been the highest rate. Crazy!

Katie, I read somewhere else that in an interview about her PEI visit, the Duchess said she IS a fan of Anne of Green Gables. So that's awesome.

Amanda, I know what you mean about Ariel. I do remember being disturbed by that part in Aladdin when Jasmine seduces Jafar. It goes a little far, in my opinion...even my 11-year-old-girl opinion.

robin said...

i always forget to comment on your friday posts because i get so distracted with all the great links!

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE learning about things like the wilhelm scream. i just love that kind of trivial knowledge. so, thanks for that!

Tim said...

I wonder if they considered re-branding Cap America for liberal enclaves like the upper West and East coast.


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