Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th, outsourced

Interesting (and disturbing) reading from the NYT about "half abortions" - selectively (and voluntarily) reducing twin pregnancies to singletons.

Ooh, I loved these photos of NYC going from day to night in one frame.

This post by my friend Anna made me laugh and laugh (and I'm not sure I would have thought of the magnet solution myself, so kudos to her.)

Last week I linked to a feature on Hollywood's worst Southern accents. This week, from a different source, it's the worst British accents. I was shocked, SHOCKED, to see Dick Van Dyke's Mary Poppins performance on this list.

Re: the DC quake, here's a thoughtful explanation of why so many people felt it. I slept through a 5.6 earthquake when I was 11 years old, so this was good for me to read. Also, silly East Coasters - anyone from the West Coast could tell you that you're not supposed to run outside during an earthquake.

There's still time, and hope, for a Ramadan miracle for two American hikers recently sentenced to eight years in an Iranian prison.

I promise this article about graphic calculator trends is interesting. Personally, I believe I sported a TI-89 in AP Calculus in 1998, how about you?

Just the thought of Ken Jennings whipping everyone in a Disney Store trivia contest made me giggle.

Finally, some perspective on the Krakauer/Mortenson debacle. [HT Tim]


Glenda The Good said...

My friend with Twins recently posted the selective abortion to singleton article. You can imagine she was pretty ticked off. I do know that the chances of problems does increase slightly with twins, but I just can't see that it is enough to make that an option. That being said, famous Utah reproduction case Jason had to studied in his law ethics class, couple gets pregnant with six due to fertility drugs. Doctor ask them to abort some of the babies. Couple refuses. All are born with varying degrees of life long problems. Couple sues ob. Crazy. I'm so glad Jason picked something else. As for the English accent article, now I think they've just gone to far :) I mean yeah Keanu was horrible, but I challenge them to find one movie he actually wasn't (Matrix 1 maybe but he is still the worst part). As for Don Cheadle's role, I love it. Sure it isn't exactly cockney, but you could argue they made it understandable for the American audience. I watch a lot of British TV over here and some of it Jason and I just look at each other and say, "What?" I mean seriously we need captions. Cockney is some of the worst. What always drives me crazy in movie is the accents they give characters to let you know they are foreign. For example, K-19, all the characters speak in these foreign accents that I suppose are suppose to sound German, but they are all over the map and I just keep thinking, if this was real they be actually speaking German, no accent required. It is distracting :)

Crys said...

Or maybe they were Russian, see so distracting I can't even bother to watch it again :)

Bridget said...

I think they were German. And holy cow, I also have to turn on subtitles when watching British movies or TV. Certain dialects are so hard to understand!

Liz Johnson said...

Apparently tons of people felt the quake even out here. It's crazy.

I really loved that crock pot thing. The magnet idea was GENIUS! Can you imagine if she hadn't found it? And Chris once had that same problem with a frozen crock pot meal, and while he was hacking it to pieces, he hacked his fingers and had to get stitches in two of them. Freezer meals are dangerous, people.

I didn't think you could ever put Marlon Brando on a "worst of" list! Isn't that blasphemy? Also, I'm pretty sure every "worst of" list should include Keanu Reeves (as this one rightly does).

This doesn't have a ton to do with anything, but have you ever seen "Top Gear?" I am recently obsessed with that show. And it has British accents (because it is British). See? This comment totally relates to the post! :)

Katie said...

Man. That first article is super strange. I find myself caught between not wanting to judge and wanting to argue... well, things that don't sound nice.

Susanne said...

I didn't know what to do when I felt the earthquake. First I thought it was strong wind or a military plane flying too low. When I finally figured out it might be an earthquake, I wondered if I was supposed to hide in a closet or be ready to flee the house and therefore run towards the door. I grabbed a book, my two phones and headed towards I don't know what and by that time it was over. I checked Facebook and saw friends from MA, NY, MD, NC and elsewhere mentioning it. I was glad I wasn't going crazy imagining things.

Kathy Haynie said...

Wow - I had already read the Mortensen-Krakauer article. I feel so sophisticated to have already seen something on your Outsourced post! Thanks for lots of thought-provoking ideas today.

Merkley Jiating said...

How do you decide which one to abort? "Hmmm, THAT one. And an order of fries, please." That is disturbing. There wasn't even a medical reason for the first one. She felt like she would be a second-rate parent? Who doesn't?!

Rob and Sara said...

I'm the only one commenting on the TI article, but I'm a math teacher, so what do you expect? :) My TI-89 was my most favorite Christmas present ever. I still use it to this day (it is named Excalibur). It is so true that teachers tell students to buy calculators they are familiar with. I tell my kids they can get a casio (which is significantly cheaper) but they are on their own when it comes to figuring out how to use it!

Using a magnet is pure genius. I never would have thought of that and dinner would have ended up in the garbage!


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