Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Happy birthday, Magdalena

Three years ago today, Magdalena was born.

There's nothing this girl likes more than dancing, so I made a tribute video for her.

Happy birthday, Magdalena!


Crys said...

Happy birthday Magdalena! My girls loved the dancing videos. Sadie said, "She's so prettieeee" The break dancing was a personal favorite. Do you have to hide that you are video taping her so that she won't stop? Some of those camera angles remind me of what I have to do with my kids.

Liz Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Magdalena!! That video is so adorable. I love watching her bop around.

Rob and Sara said...

Happy Birthday Magdalena! My favorite is the little bare bum dancing at the beginning. That looks like some good blackmail material for her teenage years! :) Too cute!

Alli E. said...

My kids said, "awesome video!" Happy birthday cousin Magdalena!! Love,
Josh, Brock, Hadley and Delaney

Eevi said...

She has some awesome moves. What a cute girl! Happy Birthday Madgalena!!

robin said...

what a cute video!

i remember the first time i saw magdalena. it was at church and she was walking around with jeremy in the halls. i thought to myself, "that is the smallest, tiniest, cutest little walking thing i have ever seen!"

Amanda said...

I hope you show this at her wedding.

Julee said...

How does a girl so young get such moves. That girl can dance! She is too cute.
That is funny! I think I said this exact sentance to you when you came to my house about 2 yrs ago... "that is the smallest, tiniest, cutest little walking thing i have ever seen!"


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