Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turkey oddities

Sprinkled liberally throughout Sultanahmet Park in Istanbul were these people with bunnies. They seemed to be selling something, and they always had little folded-up strips of paper on the table by the bunnies, but we never seemed to get past the part where they let the girls hold the bunnies for free. Huh.

 Jeremy spotted this sign in Istanbul. I do not want them doing my Arabic translation anytime soon - the Arabic portion of that sign is written from left to right and in disconnected letters (bad form on both parts).

This was outside the Grand Bazaar - is there really a market for shrunken hijab heads? Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that.

OK, there's no non-weird way to put this. We were eating dinner at a restaurant, and this guy on a motorcycle drove by and he had a dog on his motorcycle and the dog was wearing sunglasses. The end.

 This is more cute than odd - an adorable baby asleep in Gülhane Park in Istanbul, with her dad.

On one of our hikes in Göreme, we started to notice this sickly sweet citrus smell wafting around a bend toward us. When we turned the corner, we saw this truly huge pile of rotting lemons. It was the strangest smell - delicious, with a taste of revolting hidden in it. As for why there was a huge pile of rotting lemons here, I have no idea.

Look, this isn't really a picture of Magdalena sitting on a fake donkey in Göreme. It's a picture of a sign advertising the most unfortunately named pension I've ever encountered. (For the rest of the trip, Jeremy and I kept snickering about the front-desk clerk at that hotel wondering forlornly why no one wanted to stay there.)

On the train back to Istanbul, a snack vendor came on board selling various local treats. The family in the compartment next to ours bought some, and then gave a few to Magdalena. She came walking into our compartment holding these. I took one look at them and though I knew they were probably food, the first thought that came to mind was "owl pellets!!!" Jeremy tasted one and said it was actually more like cotton candy. Still, ew.


Liz Johnson said...

BAHAHAHAHA. Is that hotel kind of like a U-pick farm? Except, well, you know?

Oh man. This post has made my week. I kind of want a shrunken hijab head, just to have an awesome white elephant gift. Except that I'm afraid of being haunted.

Kathy Haynie said...

I loved all the photos & commentary. The one of the dog w/ sunglasses made me think of a dog we saw on our recent Opal Creek hike. It was a dog named Vanna. She had red painted toenails - no kidding. All four paws.

Sherwood family said...

I was hoping you had found out about the bunnies. We were completely stumped. Next visit, maybe?


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