Sunday, August 07, 2011

Where we are

Well, we're on the road. We left on Thursday for our summer vacation trip that I alluded to here. Since I would enjoy this kind of thing, I'm going to give you a chance to guess where we are. Some clues:

- The entire cost of the structure of our trip (airfare, train tickets, hotels) is only slightly more than the cost of one plane ticket to the US from Dubai.

- Ninety percent of the population of this country is Muslim, so Ramadan is observed.

- But we can eat and drink in public and it may be insensitive, but it's not against the law.

- And church is on Sunday.

- And actually, we are ın the exact place as one of the FP Ramadan photos I lınked to on Frıday.

Any guesses?

The answer is TURKEY.

We are havıng a blast, but (or perhaps so?) ınternet tıme ıs ın short supply. As you can ımagıne, I have a lot to say. I hope to get some photos up soon!


Sarah Familia said...

I'm going to have to vote Turkey

Jessie said...

Aaaaah! I've always wanted to go. Jon's old work almost sent him to Istanbul and I was reeeeallly looking forward to tagging along on that trip. Have fun!!!

yana hanim said...

you dont have a dot on your i, i think you are in turkey. I think Hosgeldiniz is in order :-)

Glenda The Good said...

OH Turkey! I watched that Oprah where she took all her most loyal fans and said it was the best place in the world she'd ever been. This coming from a woman who goes everywhere! You are a lucky girl!!! Can't wait to see all your vacation pics :)

Jill said...

Turkey, because of the i

Bridget said...

Well done. I figured the i would be a dead giveaway. Gotta love foreign keyboards.


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