Thursday, September 15, 2011

One year in the UAE

One year ago tonight, after 20-something hours of plane travel, our bedraggled family of four stumbled in through the front door of our new home in Sharjah. It took a while for us to break it in - and for the UAE to break us in - but it's been a splendid year. Take a brief look at some of the changes in our home (before is on the left, after is on the right, the views are (roughly) the same, I promise):

Just as we've warmed up our home with personal touches and rearranged it into a more functional living space, we've warmed ourselves up to living in the UAE and rearranged habits and expectations to maximize the daily value of living.

Happy UAE anniversary!


Jennifer said...

Wow, that went by fast (you know, for me who wasn't living it!) Happy one year!!

Liz Johnson said...

Yeah, I'm with Jenn - that went FAST! And your place is so freaking cute. I love how well you've decorated and maximized your space. Happy Anniversary!!!

breanne said...

Congratulations for making it through the first year! I have to tell you that I live in Jerusalem now, so if you ever make it up this way please let me know. I would love it if I ran into you at church one of these days or something!

Katie said...


You are seriously so cool.


Kathy Haynie said...

Goodness, I "met" you via your blog as you were packing for the move. I didn't realize it had been a whole year already. Happy Anniversary! Your home is lovely - so fun to see the before and after photos.

Jeremy Palmer said...

Good job getting those pics when we first arrived. I really enjoyed seeing how our home has changed. JLP


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