Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16th, outsourced

It is a fact that Jeremy was not aware that I ever, uh, passed gas until well, well after we were married. So this video made me laugh, A LOT. [HT Jeremy]

I was flipping through the comments on this fabulous recipe for homemade oreos and I came across this gem. If you've ever read food blog comments, you know all the pretentious substitutions and adjustments people brag about making. It took me until the end to realize that this particular comment was a fake. Hilarious.

I used to watch beauty pageants all the time when I was a kid, so I enjoyed catching up with Miss USA's really subtle national costume!

Remember how I told you that our beef comes from Australia, New Zealand, or Brazil? I always feel a little guilty buying meat from some place so far away. Maybe I shouldn't.

Check out these seriously amazing photographs of the earthquake/tsunami cleanup efforts in Japan. The before/after shots (you have to click the image to see the transition) are incredible.


This video has been making the rounds lately (my favorite moment is at 1:19), as well it should, because it is precious. It reminds me of this one from a few months ago. [HT Eric D. Snider]

I'll leave you with two long articles that freaked me right the heck out. The first one is about - stay with me here - the unusually large number of Hmong immigrants who die during their sleep, possibly due in part to their religious beliefs.

The second one is about the earthquake and tsunami that could someday hit the west coast. I grew up on stories like this, but that doesn't make the article any less terrifying to me. [HT Kathy]


Andressa C. said...

very nice blog.

Liz Johnson said...

Yes, very nice.

Ok, so the old people are awesome. Is it just mine (and that old guy), or does everybody's grandpa spontaneously break into song like that?!

Those Japan pics are incredible. And even crazier - I still can't believe those first pictures are authentic. The devastation out there was just mind-boggling.

That SK comment was the most hilarious thing ever. SERIOUSLY, could you people stop it with the food indignation?!

Relatedly, I think I would vote for anybody who SWORE ON THEIR LIFE to end the corn subsidy. Although I will probably have hundreds of angry Indiana corn farmers breaking down my door the minute I publish that on the internet.

Also, I thought Chris was the amazing fart-less man until after we got married, too. Sadly (or not), he didn't have the same perception of me (ha).

Lastly, I have no idea what Miss USA was thinking, but I do think that her outfit illustrates exactly what is wrong with our country.

Crys said...

I'm not going to lie, I actually love the Miss USA costume. I mean they are costumes, right :) If you want to see them all you can check them out here but don't read the captions...tons of swear words! The farting thing made me laugh :) My favorite part though, Putin. It is as if the man has single handedly taken on the responsibility of being the bollocks of the country :)

Lilianne said...

I loved those pictures of Japan. It is awesome how hardworking and industrious they are. Hurricane Katrina happened five years ago and there are still places in the surrounding areas of New Orleans that still look as bad as they did after the storm. It is a sad reality to notice how lazy Americans have become (and lack pride in their country) and how they EXPECT someone else to take care of everything. If that doesn't show what entitlements do to people, I don't know what does!! Great post today!

Jeremy Palmer said...

I can't stand the Ms. USA outfit. They should have made a costume out of a bunch of different cultures representing the real USA.

In some ways I admire Putin. In others I cringe.

mmmm. Mint oreos.

Katie said...

The debris in Japan--where did it all go?

Susanne said...

For the love of Putin, here is more!

Shannon said...

Great Foreign Policy article--thanks! Freakonomics has also focused on this issue recently. I I found a podcast and some great info here:


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